Mother's Day off: Orlando Bloom gives Miranda Kerr a break as he and a very smiley Flynn spend the day on the beach

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By Georgina Littlejohn

Boys' day out: Orlando Bloom and his son Flynn run along the sand as they enjoy some quality time together on the beach in Wellington, New Zealand

Whether she is at work or play there's rarely a day that goes by without seeing Miranda Kerr with her adorable son Flynn attached to her hip.

But yesterday, while other mum's were being pampered and praised by their offspring on Mother's Day, the Australian model was given a much-needed day off instead.

As she relaxed and took it easy, her actor husband Orlando Bloom took their toddler son Flynn out with him for the day.

The boys headed to the beach in Wellington, New Zealand where the family is currently staying while Orlando films The Hobbit.

And 16-month-old Flynn looked like he was having a great time with his dad as he ran along the sand laughing his head off.

Catch me if you can! Flynn screamed in delight as he raced ahead of his father who struggled to catch up

Gotcha! Orlando managed to get a grip on his rambunctious boy as they headed away from the water

The boys enjoyed some quality time together running around and playing with a spade.

And Flynn looked ever so cute in his stripey trousers and top, and looked much more fashionable than his father.

Little digger: Flynn looked deep in concentration as he took a spade to the sand

Clean me up, daddy! Flynn held out a grubby hand to his father who examined it closely

Orlando, 35, had decided to venture out in dayglo green trousers - which revealed red underpants when he crouched down - which he teamed with a leather jacket and yellow trainers.

The boys looked thoroughly worn out after their day on the beach, and no doubt slept it off en route to Australia later that day.

Shall we head home to Mummy? Orlando crouches down to talk to his little lad....

... before they took one last look at the water

Flynn was back in his mother's arms as they left Orlando behind and boarded a plane to Sydney and were met at the airport by Miranda's mother Therese and grandmother Anne who instantly doted on their grandson.

Orlando is reprising his role as elf archer Legolas in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit.

Day off: While her boys were down on the beach, Miranda was enjoying some alone time

But he has not finished his filming just yet even though he is only in the film for less than two minutes.

Filming continues until July and Bloom is believed to have earned $1million for his brief appearance.

Homeward bound: Miranda beamed at her son as they jetted into Sydney

Here come the Kerrs! Miranda and Flynn were met by her mother Therese and her grandmother Ann