'I've just had a tummy tuck I can’t be eating this s***'! Kerry Katona blasts Cheryl's fried food dinner but serves up fish and chips herself on Come

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By Sarah Fitzmaurice

She's recently splashed out £8,500 on liposuction to slim down.

But Kerry Katona's diet went out of the window when she was served a fried breakfast on a celebrity episode of Come Dine With Me.

The 31-year-old took part in Jubilee-themed show and entertained EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison, 46, ventriloquist Keith Harris, 64, and entertainer Lionel Blair, 80.

Ice ice baby: Kerry Katona won a special celebrity edition of Come Dine With Me serving up fish and chips and calling in an ice cream van

During the first dinner party of the week Kerry's diet was thrown off track when she was presented with a fried breakfast for the main course at Cheryl's house.

When looking at Cheryl's menu Kerry told viewers: 'I’ve just had a tummy tuck I can’t be eating this s***.'

The former Atomic Kitten singer added: 'This is a lot of fried food, it’s not good for my belly this.'

Winning menu: Kerry beat her fellow contestants Lionel Blair, Keith Harris and Cheryl Fergison in the competition

Furry friend: Keith Harris brought out his green puppet Orville for the bash

While she blasted the former EastEnders actress for her choice of menu Kerry's own dinner party was equally calorific.

She decided to serve her guests fish and chips for the main course and for dessert she decided to call in an ice cream van.

Kerry's efforts impressed her guests and the reality star won the competition after earning the highest score.

Not good for my belly: Kerry noted that all the fried food on offer at Cheryl's dinner party would not be good for her figure, before serving up fish and chips herself

I'll take anything: The mother of four wasn't off the alcohol and gladly accepted some champagne

Speaking about the competition a friend of Kerry's told the Daily Star: 'She was really stressed as she is a useless cook.

'She can barely boil an egg and always lives on ready meals. So she thought she’d keep it simple and made her favourite dish, fish and chips.'

'As for dessert, she was totally stumped, but then one of her mates suggested getting an ice cream van round so people could choose what they fancied.'

Delicate palette: Cheryl was confused by some of the menus particularly the quails eggs served by Lionel which she said she would need several dozen to fill her up

A right royal knees up: The group certainly got into the swing of things and were seen having a dance around

As well as worrying about her weight Kerry was seen watching veteran entertainers Keith and Lionel try and outdo each other by name dropping.

Keith explained how he was asked to perform with Orville at the Prince William and Harry's birthday parties when they were little while Lionel boasted about how Ricky Gervais and Peter Kay had called him up to ask him to star in their respective acts.

Straight to the point: Kerry decided to ask Lionel, 80, if he had ever waxed hair in intimate places

Who is the bigger star? Keith and Lionel entered into a bragging competition on the show with each performer name dropping

Cooking 101: Kerry served up a simple menu of cucumber sandwiches and fish and chips

Meanwhile Cheryl, who was axed from EastEnders in 2011, was particularly irritated by Lionel's bragging.

She noted that his star friends were getting bigger and bigger and joked that he would be saying he was friends with Angelina Jolie and Al Pacino next.

As well as sharing anecdotes about his long-running career in showbusiness the tap dancer also revealed he is particularly well groomed down below.

When Kerry asked the 80-year-old if he had ever had a 'back, sack and crack' wax he admitted he hadn't.

But speaking about his pubic hair he told viewers: 'I hate seeing the grey hair I do cut them off but I don’t shave them off.'

The group also spoke about plastic surgery and Kerry was more than open about her own recent tummy tuck.

The reality star said having four children had left her with a 'belly' and she underwent the procedure for 'vanity'.

It emerged that Lionel had a little work done having a line removed from his head while Keith Harris admitted to having his ears pinned back.