Brad Pitt admits there's no date for wedding ... as fianceé Angelina Jolie prepares to film new movie

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By Kimberley Dadds and Baz Bamigboye

Epitome of cool: Brad Pitt showed up to promote movie Killing Them Softly in a light coloured suit and white pumps

Actor Brad Pitt has revealed that despite the recent announcement of his engagement to Angelina Jolie - the pair have not set a date yet.

While it was widely rumoured he planned to wed Angelina this year, at the photocall for new film Killing Them Softly he was quick to dispel talk.

Brad, 48, told Mail Online: 'We truly have no date. I'm still hoping we'll figure out our marriage equality in the States before then', Pitt said referring to the debate in the US over same sex marriage.

Star attendee: Brad Pitt stepped out to promote his latest movie at the Cannes Film Festival this morning showing off his boyish look

And he hinted that part of the reason may lay in Angelina's filming commitments.

When Pitt was asked about the whereabouts of Angelina, he explained she was away preparing for a new film role.

The actress was expected to wow the red carpet tonight at the gala screening of Pitt's film which premieres today.

The 48-year-old looked the epitome of cool as he showed up in a youthful look, which consisted of light summer suit, which he matched with a white T-shirt and white pumps.

Crowd pleaser: The Hollywood star had a break from Angelina Jolie and their brood of six children as he showed up and waved at fans

Brad showed off his longer hair style, which has now grown to just above his shoulders, while he wore his facial hair in a goatee style.

He drew the crowds as he showed up in his effortless style while hordes of fans tried to get a glimpse of the actor.

Pitt happily posed for photographs as he arrived in his chauffeur driven car while he wore sunglasses on his face.

Brad smiled during the photo call, before he was spotted taking a break as he chatted to friends.

Summery get-up: He wore a dapper outfit suitable for the warm weather as he showed off his longer hairstyle and goatee

It marked a rare break for Brad from his brood, as he stepped out minus partner Angelina and their six children.

But he obviously wanted to get to work promoting the Andrew Dominick film, in which he will play a contract killer alongside stars including Scoot McNairy, Ray Liotta, Vince Curatola, and Ben Mendelson.

Although Brad said he wasn't troubled by violence in movies.

Film launch: He appears as a contract killer in the new Andrew Dominick movie

The actor was speaking at a press conference after the world premiere screening of the film and said that violence is an accepted part of the gangster world and noted that violence goes hand in hand with crime.

Pitt said he would have little problem with his children watching violent movies when they're older.

'I would find playing a racist more unsettling than playing someone who shoots someone in the face', Pitt declared.

'We live in such a violent world', Pitt said and then asked people who love hamburgers to think about the killing involved in creating that burger. 'I don't see a world without violence', he added.

Photo call: After he posed for photos Brad chatted amongst friends before the screening

Causing a stir: Hordes of onlookers went wild as he stepped out for the Cannes Film Festival

The film Killing Them Softly suggests that murder in a gangland setting is acceptable. One of the movie's key moments has Pitt and a Mob lawyer, played by Richard Jenkins, discussing the execution of some robbers as a simple business transaction.

Indeed one line in the film is sure to become much quoted. Pitt's character says to Jenkins, 'America's not a country, it's just a business'.

Killing Them Softly was having its gala screening in Cannes tonight.

It uses the gangster genre, and humour, to make larger points, not always successfully, about the state of the economy.
However, the acting particularly from Pitt Scoot McNairy and Jenkins is terrific.

Cuddles! Brad Pitt put his arms around producer of the film Dede Gardner as he greeted her

Cast: Brad Pitt stood out in his dapper ensemble as he stood next to Dede Gardner, as well as Scoot McNairy and Ray Liotta