TOWIE's Chloe Sims shows off the results of her £4,500 butt lift... after going under the knife to get rid of her 'flat granny bum'


By Sarah Bull

She previously admitted she felt incredibly insecure about her 'flat granny bum'.

But now The Only Way Is Essex's Chloe Sims is more than confident about her body - after going under the surgeon's knife for a Brazilian butt lift.

The 30-year-old reality star told Now magazine she's desperate to show off her new womanly curves in a bikini when she hits the beach this summer.

From 'flat granny bum' to sexy curves: TOWIE star Chloe Sims shows off the results of her £4,500 butt lift

She said: 'My bum doesn’t feel heavier or wobblier like I thought it would. But it does look lifted and now goes into a noticeable bum shape, which I’m really happy with.

'I already know that I’ll feel more confident as a single woman with my bum the way it is now – especially when I go on holiday. For the first time in ages I’m actually looking forward to wearing a bikini.

'It’s sexier to have a bit of weight on you, isn’t it? It’s not sexy to be skinny with no bottom.'

Chloe also spoke about how she made the decision to have the butt lift, admitting she's sure the procedure will have an overall positive effect on her life.

She said: 'Even before I was in The Only Way Is Essex I was surrounded by gorgeous girls with hourglass figures. Mine felt unsexy and boyish in comparison.

'I tried everything possible to overcome my body insecurities. I wore certain clothes to make my bum look bigger and even wore knickers with chicken fillet-type padding.

'I always had my bum in mind when I was buying clothes. I’d hate it most whenever I went on holiday and had to get into a bikini. It always looked awful, like a flat "granny" bum. With age and gravity it only got worse. By the time I turned 30 I’d ended up with a droopy bottom.'

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Describing the procedure, which was carried out at Dr Aamer Khan’s clinic in London, Chloe explained: 'They removed fat from my stomach and thighs with a syringe. It felt like a rod going under my skin and was very painful.

'Then they emptied the fat into a hospital drip bag to separate and drain it before injecting it back into me.'

However, any cosmetic surgery procedure has its drawbacks, and Chloe admitted to Now she is still struggling with the post-operation pain.

She said: 'The downside is that I felt sore for a few days afterwards and I’m not able to lie on my back for six weeks in order to let the fat on my bum settle.'

Chloe added that while most of her family and friends knew about her decision to have the butt lift, she decided not to tell her seven-year-old daughter Madison.

She explained: 'Madison stayed with her dad for a few nights and just thought I’d been at work. I hope Madison doesn’t have anything done when she’s older and it’s not something I’ll encourage. But she’s only little, so I can’t say what might happen in the future.'