Oh Imogen... did you really have to bend over in those sheer tights? Miss Thomas sure knows how to get her face (or derriere) noticed


By Daily Mail Reporter

She tweeted that she needed new clothes 'pronto'.

But did Imogen Thomas really only have see-through clothes that didn't fit left in her wardrobe?

In her battle to stay relevant, and when rain was forecast for London, the Welsh model decided to run errands in a crop top, sheer tights and chunky heels.

Why? Imogen Thomas left little to the imagination in these see-through leggings and a crop top as she ran errands in London today

And if that didn't get her enough exposure, she bent over in full view of passersby.

The 28-year-old - known for her relationships with footballers - kept her fans up-to-date with her movements via Twitter.

She said she planned to go to the gym and that her shorts were feeling tight because of too much chocolate over Easter.

Just casually adjusting her shoes: The Welsh model bent over in full view of passersby

The brunette was to appear on 5 News tonight to talk about cyber bullying on Twitter.

Last week she opened up about her affair with Ryan Giggs, who is married with children.

She said that things got so bad that she had death threats, was scared to leave the house and even moved to try and get away from it.

Trying to stay relevant: The 29-year-old's biggest claim to fame is her relationships with footballers

She also revealed that she contemplated suicide because she couldn't take the abuse any more.

She said: 'I was on antidepressants and I turned to alcohol. How can any girl cope with all that? I’d drink a bottle of wine a night, more if there was another bottle there.

'It was a way of making myself feel different. But with the drinking comes the tears.'

She admitted she was scared some would 'glass me' if she went out..'

Maximum exposure: Imogen nips away in her black sports car, with the top down of course

Imogen also revealed that she would call her mother telling her she couldn't take it any more but added: 'I never went as far as "I’m going to do it" – I couldn’t do that to my family, they mean so much to me.'

Imogen stressed that she doesn't want people to feel sorry for her and even though it's still raw, she is trying to move on and wants to put everything behind her.

Starting with a new romance, this time with Australian city trader Adam Horsley, who she met in a bar six months ago and who had no idea who she was.

She said: 'I don’t want to be with someone famous. I think you’ve got to have someone real, who’s down to earth and treats you the way you should be treated. I totally love Adam. He treats me like an absolute princess.