Well that's a first! Frankie Cocozza rejects a desperate female fan while his woman of choice tries to disguise herself

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Not interested: Frankie Cocozza seemed eager to get away from a female fan as he left London nightclub Anaya in the early hours of this morning

Most people would expect him to jump at the chance to take a woman back to his hotel, but last night Frankie Cocozza rejected someone.

The 19-year-old wannabe singer was spotted leaving London nightclub Anaya looking rather annoyed as a dark-haired female pestered him.

The female is obviously a huge fan of Frankie's and wanted to make herself known to the long-haired star.

Feeling desperate: The brunette threw her arms around the former X Factor star and kissed him on the cheek

Wearing leather shorts and a green blazer, the young brunette couldn't resist throwing her arms around the former X Factor star and planted a kiss on his cheek.

She was also clutching what looked like a passport and was seen whispering into Frankie's ear while the paparazzi snapped away.

But the ladies man wasn't interested and seemed keen to head back to his hotel without her.

Leave me alone! It was unusual to see Frankie rejecting a female fan

Not giving up: The dark-haired female wasn't getting the hint and continued to follow Frankie

Wearing a pair of dark carrot trousers, a checked shirt and burgundy trainers, Frankie instead had eyes for another woman who stayed close to him and his famous friends - Kirk Norcross and Natasha Giggs.

But rather than feel proud about being chosen by Frankie, the young woman looked embarrassed to be tagging along with the group and seemed very aware of the cameras.

Trying her best to hide her identity, the slim redhead strolled along the street wearing just a tight red skirt and a cropped top that resembled a bra.

No photos! Frankie's female companion seemed embarrassed to be having her photo taken

Ahoy there! The 19-year-old was accompanied back to his hotel by the young woman

She completed her look with a pair of heels and kept lifting her hands above her head in an attempt to hide her face.

Perhaps she was one of the lucky seven that was contributing to Frankie's personal record of how many women he's bedded.

In a recent interview with Heat magazine, the long-haired reality star revealed that he will be looking for a serious girlfriend soon.

'I’m on 93 now. Seven more and then I’m getting a bird. As soon as I get to 100…'

We're not afraid of the cameras! Natasha Giggs and Kirk Norcross proudly hold hands while the mystery female hides underneath hers