Isn't she a little old for carrying? Tom Cruise cradles his five-year-old princess Suri in his arms, before she sits on his knee in the car

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By Nadia Mendoza

Daddy's girl: Tom Cruise holds daughter Suri as they visit Bouchon Bakery in Beverly Hills with Katie Holmes

She's two months shy of her sixth birthday, which is basically a teenager these days.

So you'd think Suri Cruise might want to run a few steps of her parents to gain a little street cred.

But the five-year-old princess was carried by father Tom Cruise, cradled in his arms while wrapped in a baby pink blanket, following a family outing to rather swish Beverly Hills eaterie Bouchon Bakery.

Katie Holmes' mini-me clearly relished the attention, burying herself in her father's chest.

Suri's little feet peeped out from beneath the warm shrug, bejewelled with various coloured gems.

It is no secret that the A-list power couple spoil their first and only biological child, with Suri frequently seen in lavish restaurants, sampling make-up or dressed in expensive designer clothes.

Precocious or cute? It is no secret that Tom and Katie spoil their first biological child

Prior to marrying the Dawson's Creek actress in November 2006, Tom adopted son Connor, 17, and daughter 19-year-old Isabella with ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

Connor has been busy courting headlines for all the wrong reasons, following a homophobic tweet.

The aspiring DJ, and passionate New England Patriots fan, responded to a post by his openly-gay agent Todd Krim, in which Krim made a jibe about Cruise's teaming losing the US Super Bowl.

Not exactly an independent woman! Suri sits on her father's knee in the back of the car

In his response, which was later removed, Radar report that Cruise allegedly wrote: 'That was a gay a** f***ing tweet... You don’t say s**t like that about my team the second they lose. Low.'

Krim retaliated, saying: 'Ummm ok Dude I was f***ing joking,' before reportedly sending an email saying: 'I am no longer working with Connor Cruise. In fact, I am no longer speaking with him.'

Yet he soon backtracked, later tweeting that Connor had said sorry and everyone should move on.

Controversy: Tom's son Connor, trailing behind with Suri's doll, was caught in a Twitter war with his agent