Is this the picture that made Tom Hardy feel like a 'total idiot' on Jonathan Ross? Actor left embarrassed by old modelling footage

By Sarah Bull

Back in the day: Tom Hardy was apparently left embarrassed after footage of hm winning a modelling competition on The Big Breakfast was shown on Jonathan Ross

He's arguably now considered one of the most attractive actors in the world.

So it comes as no surprise that back in 1998, Tom Hardy was crowned the winner of a modelling competition on The Big Breakfast.

However, the actor is clearly embarrassed about his modelling past, as it has been reported that he felt like a 'total idiot' after Jonathan Ross showed footage of him taking first prize during an interview on his show.

A source told The Sun: 'Tom really wasn't happy about the footage being shown and said he looked like a total idiot.

'When he walked off, Jonathan turned to the audience and said, "He is genuinely p****d off with me".'

According to fans in the audience, the interview continued to get even more awkward when Jonathan asked Tom about his role as Bane in Batman - a film which is shrouded entirely in secrecy.

That didn't go down too well! The actor apparently felt like a 'total idiot' after the footage was shown

The source added: 'After that moment, the interview was a squirm-fest.

'Especially when Tom said he couldn't talk about his part in the new Batman film.'

However, the pair are said to have put the incident behind them later in the show - making up with a hug.

Secrecy: The interview took another turn for the worse after Tom refused to talk about his role as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises due to the secrecy surrounding the film

The source said: 'They did have a hug at the end though to show there were no hard feelings.'

Tom has been working hard promoting his new action comedy movie This Means War, in which he stars alongside Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine.