'I would like to stop drinking... but it's just too much fun': Frankie Cocozza's declaration as he picks up two blondes

By Alanah Eriksen

How DOES he do it? Axed X Factor star Frankie Cocozza was spotted taking two blondes up to his hotel suite during a night out in Newcastle last night

He's very public about his sexual escapades with numerous women.

But the girls still come in droves for axed X Factor star Frankie Cocozza.

The 19-year-old was spotted picking up two blondes while out in Newcastle last night.

Frankie, who was runner-up on celebrity Big Brother last month, was seen taking the young girls up to his hotel suite after partying at Bambu.

He looked deep in conversation with a beauty dressed in a leopard-print dress as the pair had a cigarette outside.

Love him or hate him, Frankie's social calender has been full since he auditioned for the talent show last year.
He has been booked to host a number of events at clubs around the country.

But all the partying is taking a toll and the Lothario took to Twitter to bemoan his drinking habits - but didn't sound like he wanted to cut back anytime soon.

Like the cat that got the cream: Frankie can't hide his smile

A party for three: The girls head up to Frankie's room

'Would like to stop drinking, but its just to much fun,' he said.
'Soon though, maybe.. doubtful.'

He then added that 'drinking was bad' and he was 'feeling a bit leggy.'

He will join his new best friend, and CBB co-star Kirk Norcross at the Sugar Hut in Brentwood, Essex tonight to host the Zoo party, featuring models from the magazine.

Drink up! Frankie is rarely seen without a beer in his hand

You've got his attention! Frankie looked deep in conversation with a girl dressed in leopard print as he enjoyed a cigarette outside

In a shocking interview confession, the teenager - who claims he's on course to bed 200 women this year said he worried his wild lifestyle might kill him.

'I've had a lot of time to think about things recently and I don't want to keep going out and getting p***** all the time,' he told the Daily Star Sunday.

'It's not healthy and not good for you. I don't want to be dead by the age of 25. And if I keep going out and getting pissed I probably will.'

Budding star: Frankie's social calendar has been full since appearing on X Factor last year

He admitted he's find it difficult to give up alcohol.

'I go out a lot and get f***** all the time - and I mean really f*****,' he told the paper.

'I've been doing it every night since X Factor. When they're giving you a free bottle of Jack Daniels it is hard not to.

'It feels like it's not possible to drink less.'