'I don't need photoshop!' Coco bares her bikini body without any help from an airbrush

By Amelia Proud

Flawless: Coco posed for In Touch in a bikini and allowed the pictures to be appeared in the magazine without being retouched

Even for the most genetically blessed celebrities and models, the airbrush had become a necessary tool for creating a flawless finished image.

Especially when flesh is displayed; or a waist needs to be nipped and tucked by a few inches.

So it's undoubtedly brave of reality star Nicole 'Coco' Austin, 32 , to allow images of her bikini body to be displayed in a US magazine WITHOUT any retouching at all.

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The Ice Loves Coco star, who returns to our screens in the second series of the E! show on Sunday, has gained ten pounds since relaxing her gym routine, but admits she's still confident.

Refreshingly, the 135 pound 5'2' platinum blonde told the magazine: 'This is the biggest I've ever been.

'But I'm still confident, because I'm happy inside, and I have a husband who tells me I'm beautiful all the time.'

Refreshing attitude: Coco admits she loves to eat Mexican food when not keeping to her diet of fish and vegetables

And her husband and co-star Ice T, 54 , affirmed his admiration of her figure to the publication: 'Her booty is a planet, it has its own gravitational pull!'

Coco, who donned bright pink for the shoot, prefers a brighter, more outrageous style when it comes to fashion.

'I really like colours and colours say a lot about the person’s personality,' she recently told Celebbuzz.

She can work it out: The beauty said 'most women are scared to work out with weights, but I can leg press 400 pounds'

'It’s funny because when I was doing the show, [and] I put on a black shirt, everybody is like, "You know what, you should stay in the colors because you’re a California girl, very happy-go-lucky and it’s true. When you wear black all the time, you’re kinda saying ‘I’m depressed.'

'So when I wear a pink outfit, I feel bubbly. Also when you’re trying to feel sexy, I know every girl, if they throw on a pair of heels with a pair of jeans, those heels will just make you feel like a totally different person.

'So, definitely heels is a must. I’m talking it doesn’t have to be a dress, just one pair of heels will do a big job for both the girls and the boys because the boys like to see girls in heels.

And there's more: Read Coco's interview in this week's In Touch, where she talks about husband Ice T (right)

The celebrity couple's second series of hit reality show Ice Loves Coco is set to air on U.S. network E! on February 19.

The pair were out on the red carpet in full force at the weekend in Las Vegas as she and her husband attended the premiere of the show.

The couple have been heavily promoting the new show, but there are some things viewers won't be seeing, according to the pneumatic blonde.

'[You won't see] us sleeping, us going to the bathroom, us having sex, the intimate parts you don’t see,' Coco added.