Downcast Kim Kardashian shows the strain as Kris Humphries fights to prove marriage was a fraud

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By Daily Mail Reporter

Downcast: Kim Kardashian was spotted at the Bal Harbour shopping centre in Miami yesterday

Kim Kardashian cut a sad figure as she stepped out in Miami yesterday.

The reality TV star was spotted at the Bal Harbour luxury shopping mall in Miami, Florida, yesterday dressed in casual leggings, a grey vest, jacket and flip flops.

She looked decidedly downcast as she strolled through the centre, a sign her ugly split from Kris Humphries is weighing heavily on her.

Kim is said to have offered him a financial settlement in order to get their divorce completed as soon as possible.

But Kris is said to be adamant he doesn't want any money and is determined to pursue his claim to have the divorce granted on the grounds of fraud, arguing that he and Kim married under false pretences.

Bitter split: The reality TV star is in the throes of an ugly divorce from Kris Humphries

A source told 'There have been informal settlement talks going on between Kim and Kris's respective lawyers.

'Team Humphries has made it crystal clear though that Kris isn't seeking any money from Kim. Kris doesn't want one penny from her.

'His lawyers have said the only terms acceptable for a settlement would be if Kim agrees to Kris' contention that the marriage was a fraud.

The insider added: 'There is a stand-off at this point because Kim will never agree to that, she says the marriage wasn't a fraud. It just didn't work out.'

It was revealed earlier this week that Kris's lawyers want to study video footage from reality show Kourtney and Kim Take New York as an emotional discussion between Kim and her mother Kris Jenner about the marriage is alleged to have taken place on a soundstage in December, two months later than claimed in the show.

Kris's legal team are said to feel this strengthens their claim for the marriage being a fraud.

In the reality show scene, Kim emotionally tells her mother how things are just not turning out how she expected with Kris, while asking for her advice on what to do.

Kim and her mother Kris were spotted leaving a Hollywood TV studio on December 6 with the 31-year-old socialite wearing the same outfit and hairstyle as she does in the scene.

Her mother Kris was photographed following her daughter out of the studio, with an assistant carrying the purple kaftan-style dress she wears in the scene, shot in the back of a limo.

Kris cited fraud as his official response to Kim's divorce petition - in his bid to seek an annulment instead - and wants his lawyer to question his estranged wife, her mother and staff from the show over the scenes, RadarOnline reported yesterday.

A source told the website: 'Kris feels that if this is true and the whole conversation was faked, this would help prove that he got married under fraudulent circumstances.

'Yes, this did occur after the marriage, but this is one clear example that could help sway the judge to grant the divorce on the grounds of fraud.'

During the scene, Kim tells her momanger Kris: 'Married life just isn't what I thought it would be with him.

No money wanted: Kris Humphries isn't interested in Kim Kardashian's fortune, it was claimed today

Faked? Kim Kardashian in an 'emotional scene' where she discusses her marital breakdown with mother Kris Jenner in an episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, which aired last month

Opening up: But the scene - which was purportedly shot in October during a business trip to Dubai was allegedly film two months later on a Hollywood soundstage

'I keep thinking something is off,' she went on, asking her mother if this was a normal feeling to experience in the early days of marriage.

Jenner responds, saying it is not normal, recalling how she and Kim's father Rob Kardashian were 'obsessed with each other' for at least the first 10 years.

'I didn't even want him to go to work,' Jenner recalled.

She explained: 'This is not normal... that you don't want to go home to your new husband.'

Meanwhile, Kim wants her divorce petition heard by a mediator.

Proof? Kim and her mother spotted on December 6 last year leaving a Hollywood recording studio. Kim was wearing the same outfit as she did for the scene while, right, an assistant caries Kris's purple kaftan

The E! TV personality is reportedly keen to have her marriage to 26-year-old NBA star Humphries legally ended as soon as possible and plans to request that the proceedings are held in private.

A source said: 'A public trial is the last thing that Kim wants, and she has instructed her lawyer to formally petition the court so that the divorce can be heard by a mediator, which is routinely done in California, since it's a no-fault state.

'Kim doesn't want a long drawn out trial. She wants the mediation to be private, confidential, and legally binding.

She and Kris have no assets together and kept separate bank accounts, so this is a fairly routine divorce proceeding. Kim just wants this over and done with.'

Before the split: Kim and Humphries in New York City just weeks before the reality star called time on their short-lived marriage