'Mum would like me with Prince Harry': Scarlet woman Pixie Lott on being a princess and why she's old-fashioned girl when it comes to love

By Georgina Littlejohn

Sights set on the Palace: Pixie Lott has revealed that she has always wanted to be a princess and her mother would love her to get together with Prince Harry

She's been with her handsome boyfriend for almost a year now and things are going well, if their New year's trip to Mauritius is anything to go by.

But Pixie Lott has revealed that although she is very happy with model Oliver Cheshire - there's a red-headed young royal that has also caught her eye.

And her mother's too, after the pop star revealed that she would love to be a princess, and preferably Prince Harry's.

Pixie, real name Victoria Louise, said every girl has harboured a dream of becoming a princess one day.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan magazine, she said: 'Someone asked me once if I’d like to be a princess, and I was like, "Yes, wouldn’t any girl?" Now I think my mum quite like me to get together with Prince Harry!'

The singer, whose new single Kiss The Star is released at the end of the month, is currently enjoying a romantic New Year's holiday on the paradise island of Mauritius with Cheshire.

Speaking to the magazine, she explained how they met and said: 'It was at a Vivienne Westwood show for fashion week a few years ago. Someone introduced us and then we started talking and realised we got on really well.

Lady in red: Pixie showed off her sensational figure in a short scarlet frock as she posed for a shoot to accompany the interview

'You know when you meet someone and they’re really warm and friendly? He was like that. So we became friends and it went from there.'

And despite his striking good looks, Pixie said that physical appearances don't mean a thing - especially if you're boring.

She said: 'It’s personality all the way. It doesn’t matter how good-looking you are, if you’re boring and have nothing to say, or arrogant, that would be it.

'That’s the worst. I like guys who are gentlemanly, have manners and are funny. That makes anyone better-looking.'

Pixie also said she is an old-fashioned girl at heart and takes relationship inspiration from her happily-married parents and would like to get married one day.

Romantic getaway: Pixie and her model boyfriend Oliver Cheshire are currently enjoying a luxury holiday in Mauritius

She said: 'It’s always been something I’ve wanted because my mum and dad have been together for years and years.

'But it’s not like I grew up dreaming about it. I’m really traditional about it, though. I would want my dad to walk me down the aisle, and I’d take the guy’s last name.

But boyfriends beware - she's not a girl who will forgive a cheater easily.

She said: 'I wouldn’t stand for it. I don’t think any girl should. The lines are a bit more blurred now, so I don’t know how I’d feel if I found flirty texts or emails - I guess it would depend on the situation and what was being said. But actual cheating? No one deserves that.'

Pixie reaches a milestone birthday in a week's time when she turns 21, and she believes she has grown up a lot since she burst onto the scene in 2009.

She said: 'I’ve definitely grown up a lot although I think my identity is still the same. I always had quite a strong sense of what I liked and didn’t like and I don’t think that has changed.

'Sexiness definitely comes from the inside, though – if you feel comfortable, you feel sexier and more confident. But if you’re wearing something you’re not sure about, you end up feeling self-conscious, and I think that shows.'

And she said inspiration for her songs comes from whatever mood she is in at the time and added: 'It helps to be in a sad mood. Say you’ve had an argument with a friend, your mum, your boyfriend...It makes me want to write it down.'