Meet Andrew Stone's girlfriend! After slamming rumours over his sexuality, the Big Brother star reveals secret relationship

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By Holly Thomas

Secret romance: Andrew Stone (left) has revealed he has been secretly dating Anna Fox

It's fair to say that there was some speculation over Andrew Stone's sexuality during his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

In the face of doubts raised by fellow housemates, the dancer was keen to emphasise he is straight, saying that he was merely more 'in touch' with his feminine side than most.

And just to hammer the point home further, the Pineapple Studios star has announced that he has a girlfriend.

Speaking to new! magazine, about his new love Anna Fox, Andrew said: 'It’s on and off. I’d say I am non-exclusive as there is a lot of room for improvement in that relationship but, if it works out with her, great.

'We have a lot of history together, and not all of it is great, but I do have a very big soft spot for her.'

His sweetheart appears to harbour rather stronger feelings however, with Anna gushing: 'We’ve said we love each other.'

She also seemed to take an different view regarding their relationship status, saying that they were exclusive, and that her mother 'really likes him.'

'In touch': Andrew has said that what other people might interpret as 'gay' is in fact just his feminine side

She added that though it wouldn't bother her if it were the case, she doesn't believe Andrew is bisexual, saying that he has had a lot of girlfriends.

Anna continued that Andrew was better than most men in bed because as a dancer he 'knows his body', giving him an advantage.

Addressing the rumours over his sexuality, Andrew commented: 'I have kissed a guy before, but it was a New Year’s Eve thing. I was there with my girlfriend and it turned her on so I did it.'

Andrew stressed that he has no issue with gay people, but was just 'rock and roll' himself.

On his housemates' perceptions of him he said: 'I was quite upset with Natalie Cassidy because I thought she was a friend. We have the same agent, so I thought she’d be more supportive.

'She is being slightly two-faced and she’s the biggest game player in the house.'
He added that he didn't intend to badmouth his ex-housemate, but that given enough of a chance, people's true colours would show.

Totally comfortable: Andrew stressed that he has no issue with gay people, but sees himself as 'rock and roll'