Letting the cat out of the bag: Lily Cooper's mother Alison reveals singer's baby is named Ethel Mary

By Emily Sheridan

She's managed to keep her baby name under wraps since becoming a mother five weeks ago.

But Lily Cooper's mother Alison Owen has inadvertently revealed the little girl's name on Facebook.

The film producer mentioned the baby was named Ethel Mary in a message to a friend on the social networking page.

An old friend of Lily's husband Sam also recently confirmed the baby's name was Ethel on his Twitter page.

Although popular in the early 20th century, the name Ethel is rather unusual these days with only three babies given the name last year.

The name is a traditional English, which originated in the 1800s and means 'righteous' or 'noble'.

In more recent decades, it was the name of popular EastEnders character Ethel Skinner, played by Gretchen Franklin.

Letting the cat out of the bag: Lily's mother Alison Owen, pictured with her son Alfie Allen, revealed the baby's name on Facebook

The pop star, who changed her name from Lily Allen to Lily Cooper following her June wedding to builder Sam, gave birth to their 7lbs 3oz daughter on November 25.

Although she never officially announced the birth, she simply wrote 'totes amaze' (slang for 'totally amazing') on her Twitter page on the day of Ethel's arrival.

Her ex-boyfriend Seb Chew, who she dated from 2005 until 2007, also tweeted at the time: 'Sending out love to Lily, Sam and mini Cooper......YES.'

Lily's pregnancy was first revealed in June on her wedding day to Sam in Gloucestershire.

She had kept it under wraps from friends and family for weeks after tragically losing two babies in previous pregnancies.

Starting a family: The singer, 26, and husband Sam Cooper, 33, on their wedding day in June

Last September, Lily admitted she knew the baby's sex but was keeping it a surprise.
But she admitted her mother Alison was convinced it was a girl and nicknamed the baby 'Betty'.

Exactly a year before Ethel's birth, Lily had a stillborn baby boy after contracting a suspected viral infection.

And in January 2008, the singer suffered a miscarriage when she was four months pregnant with Chemical Brothers DJ Ed Simons.