'Her husband's going to kill her': Nicola McLean leans in to kiss a naked Frankie Cocozza in hot tub and has to be put to bed

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By Alanah Eriksen

What would your husband say? Nicola McLean was seen getting very close to Frankie Cocozza in the hot tub, after the housemates had had a few drinks

She has been gushing about how she loves her husband and would never cheat on him like former housemate Natasha Giggs.

But no doubt Nicola McLean's man won't be happy after watching last night's episode of Celebrity Big Brother.

The glamour model, 29, was seen getting extremely close to teenage lothario Frankie Cocozza, 18, who was naked in the hot tub.

Some of the housemates were drinking and playing a game of truth or dare in the bubbles.

Nicola looked a little worse for wear, swimming in the water and playfully biting the axed X Factor star's leg.

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Kirk Norcross asked Nicola if she would make a move on Frankie Cocozza if she was single.

Pot, kettle? The mother-of-two had earlier been telling Natasha Giggs she would never cheat on her husband, footballer Tom Williams

Dangerous game: Kirk Norcross had asked whether Nicola would sleep with Frankie if she was single, to which she said 'yes'

The mother-of-two is seen moving in as if to kiss Frankie, getting extremely close to his lips, before saying 'yes'.

The Playboy twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon are seen chatting about the 28-year-old in the house with Romeo.

One of the girl's says: 'When I went out there Nicola's drunk she was sitting on top of Frankie.

'Her husband's going to kill her... I don't care how wasted I was, I would never f*** that up.

Nat's turn: EastEngers actress was also getting rowdy in the house, lying on top of Nicola as Karissa Shannon, Kirk and Frankie watched amused

Going in for the kill: Natalie was dared to kiss Karissa, which she did promptly

She tells Romeo: 'Go put her to bed, go get her.'

The former So Solid Crew singer goes outside and grabs Nicole, telling her: 'You said to me earlier that when the times right, to carry you to bed. it's around about that time.'

Earlier in the day when she was up for elimination, Kirk dared her to kiss him if she stayed in the house, but she replied: 'I can't snog, I'm married boys.'

And she was also seen telling EastEnders star Natalie Cassidy and Natasha: 'If i go, I get to see my boys and my husband. If not, I’ll get to have a few more belly laughs.'

Earlier, Nicola had a lot to say earlier about Natasha's affair with her husband Rhodri Giggs' brother Ryan.

Speaking to Natasha and rugby star Gareth Thomas, she said: 'If Tom slept with my sister, there's no way I'd ever forgive him... there's no way my sister would do that to me.'

Natasha asked her if she would forgive her sister, to which Nicola replied 'she wouldn't' do it.

In return, Nicola asked if she would forgive her husband for cheating with her sister.

She said: 'It's easy for me to sit here and say it but yeah, I think I could.'
Natalie chimed in, saying: 'I would cut my nose off to spite my face.'

Nicola then said: 'They way i look at it is, you've slept with your kid's uncle... no way could I forgive that. By cheating on my in anyway you're jeprodising my kids happiness.'

In the diary room, after Natasha was voted out, she said: 'She should not have done what she done... but I liked her and i miss her already.

'She doesn't learn. She's obviously a natural flirt. if i was trying to win my husband back, i wouldn't be flirting like that.'

Also in the hot tub, Natalie was dared to 'tounge kiss' Karissa Shannon - and she promptly did so.

And the claws came out when the twins accused Nicola of being fake, behind her back.

Speaking with Irish model Georgia Salpa, one said: 'I'm telling you, she's fake with everyone here... because she wants to stay here.

'The nicer she is to us, the more she's going to get her way. She's not like in our crew.'

Friends: The group appeared to be getting along swimmingly, but Nicola had to be put to bed by Romeo when she got too drunk

In another shocking revelation, Michael Madsen told Frankie that he lost his virginity at age 13 to a 28-year-old neighbour.

'She had a purple dress down, she sat down next to me and said "Will you unzip it?" One thing led to another... She said she needed help moving furniture,' he said.

Frankie congratulated him and they bumped fists, before heading into the house to join their fellow housemates for lunch.

The pair had earlier shared a 'father and son moment' by shaving their faces together, with Michael giving the youngster tips, before eventually taking over and shaving his face

Michael and Denise Welch are clearly not getting along.

What did I do last night? The girls looked tired and hungover the next day

Not a good start: Frankie was tasked with dating the Playboy twins to win alcohol for the house, but did not impress Karissa when he swigged straight from the champagne bottle

The American was seen complaining about the Loose Women star 'I can't take it anymore. She's bugging the f*** out of me. She's trying to be entertaining and it's not working.'

Later he asked 'What is her thing anyway? Is she an actress... what the hell is she doing here? I don't get it.'

Georgia explained she was on talkshow Loose Women.

Later, when the pair started drinking, Denise headed to the bedroom to find Michael, asking him why he kept going to bed early.

Very un-gentlemenly: He had asked Karissa to open the bottle before taking it over himself

Playing nice: His date with Kristina went a lot better, as he dressed up for the occasions and showered her with compliments
He quips: 'If I’m being boring, why do you care?'

She tells him that their fellow housemates think they’re upset with each other.

She tried to share a joke with him later, saying he can always speak to her if he needs too 'seeing as you’re going to have children with me.'

Meanwhile, Big Brother Romeo was tasked with turning Frankie from 'Mr Pervert into Mr Perfect.'

He had a date with each of the twins, with very different results.

Things didn't get off to a good start during his first date with Karissa, with Frankie unable to open a champagne bottle, and asking her to do it.
He eventually opened it and swigged straight from the bottle.

He wiped his nose with his hand and continually burped.

Karissa yelped: 'Frankie seriously stop... we're stuck in this room. I can't even breathe right now... Oh my God.'

Getting hot: he sex-mad star managed to control himself when Kristina took off her jacket and said she wasn't wearing a bra

Meanwhile Romeo was listening in and providing Frankie with tips via headphones.

In the diary room afterwards, Karissa said: 'If this was a real date in the real world, I'd rate it a zero because he downed the champagne and burped several times. He had no smooth lines.'

Before his next date, with Kristina, Romeo told Frankie: 'Treat her like she's special, simply because she is...no drinking from the bottle... remember she is the queen.'

Things started a bit better, with Frankie able to open the bottle easily.
Kristina seemed more relaxed, burping herself.

Cheers: Kristina scored Frankie a 10 out of 10 and the housemates won alcohol for the evening

He managed to control himself when she took off her jacket and said she wasn't wearing a bra and even fed a strawberry to her.

He tried some smooth lines, including: 'Are your feet aching? Because you've been running around my head all day.'

She scored the date a 10 out of 10, saying: ''I really liked the date. He actually had manners he wasn't talking about ... farting and burping.'

The perfect score on one of the dates means the housemates won alcohol for the night.

Georgia was seen telling Frankie that Kirk, who has admitted he has a crush on her, had been 'weird' towards her.

He interrupted the conversation and denied being weird.

Georgia also revealed to Romeo that she had to wear glasses and a patch on one eye, because one eye looked the other way.

He told her it was 'cute'.