The fairytale is over: Andrew Stone is the first celebrity to be evicted from the Big Brother house

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By Kirsty Mccormack

And he's out: Andrew Stone applauds himself as he is the first housemate to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother

He may have been desperate to see it through to the end, but tonight Andrew Stone was the first housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The professional dancer didn't look surprised as host Brian Dowling announced his name but he did look concerned as he heard the waiting crowd booing him.

As he ran up the stairs and prepared for his exit, Andrew was told to enter the garden where a pumpkin carriage awaited him.

As he hopped inside wearing a Prince Charming costume, he looked eager to get his grand exit over and done with.

The 39-year-old spotted his mother Linda as soon he made his way to the interview spot and became emotional as he hugged her, but Brian was keen to speak to him and told him that there would be plenty of time for that later.

When asked how he felt about the mixed reception, Andrew answered: 'It's pantomime. I've had the most amazing experience of my life.'

Brian then went on to ask him how he felt to be the first celebrity to leave the house.

Time for a hug: The 39-year-old opens his arms to host Brian Dowling as the crowd boo him

'I'm a bit like Marmite TV,' he replied.'I thought I'd either go early or make it all the way to the end.'

Andrew then sat through the ordeal of watching all the celebrities who nominated him.

As he watched Michael refer to him as a 'f***ing spy,' he laughed it off, saying: 'I know how they all really feel about me.'

'I wasn't feeling comfortable during the first few days - after that I settled in but it was too late,' he added.

'I believe in myself, and I think the best relationship you can have is with yourself.'

Brian then went on to ask Andrew if he was performing during his time in the house rather than relaxing.

'I was really wired into the fact that there were cameras following me,' he answered.

The beast: Andrew told Brian that he wasn't bothered about the booing crowd and that it was like 'pantomime'

'After being followed for two years on Pineapple, you become very aware that you're being filmed.'

Andrew was then shown his best bits which documented the six days that he spent in the house.

Despite being evicted from the house less than a week in, Andrew did get the chance to experience a shopping task.

The celebrities were set a fairytale challenge yesterday where they were all transformed into famous storybook characters and set individual tasks.

Gareth played the role of Prince Charming and was told he would be the first to save some of the 600 gold coins that represented the group's shopping budget.

Playing Prince: Gareth had to climb the ladder to rescue Rapunzel and save the group's shopping budget

Gareth had to climb a rotating ladder towards the tower that Georgia, who was dressed as Rapunzel, was placed in and had to turn a key through the bars to set his 'true love' free.

And the sportsman managed to carry out the task successfully within the five-minute time frame without falling in the swamp.

Georgia also successfully recited the words: 'My Prince, my Prince, come rescue me. Oh climb my hair to collect the key!'

But while the task got off to a good start with Prince Charming and Rapunzel, other celebrities didn't have such luck.

Nicola, who was playing the big bad wolf, had to jump into bed with Little Red Riding Hood, who was played by Natalie.

Failure: Natalie and Nicola didn't win their task after they took too long dressing up and getting into bed together as Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf

But they didn't get off to a good start as Natalie couldn't find her script and was having trouble dressing Nicola as Grandma.

Finally they got into bed together, but as Natalie began to recite her lines, the music stopped playing and the actress realised they had ran out of time.

This resulted in 100 gold coins being deducted from their budget.

Another task carried out included the Three Little Pigs - Romeo, Frankie and Kirk - having to run to their house within 60 seconds every time they hear the words, 'I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!'

But before they did that, Frankie and Kirk decided to have a pig wrestle.

'Just run towards each other and see what happens,' Kirk told the former X Factor contestant.

The Three Pigs were successful in keeping their straw house intact the first time round.

Three little pigs: Kirk, Romeo and Frankie had to defend their straw house during the task

The next challenge saw Andrew the beast called to the diary room where he had to say whether he thought he was more or less attractive than each housemate.

But at the same time, the housemates also had to guess each of Andrew's answers.

This resulted in the group getting five fails and therefore failing that part of the task and another 100 gold coins being taken.

Obviously this upset Andrew, but he cheered himself up by giving Michael a foot massage.

'Is it too late to cancel my nomination?' Michael laughed as he was pampered.

But now the Hollywood actor will have to find someone else to give his feet a good rub following Andrew's departure.

Me, me, me! Andrew had to say if he thought he thought he was more or less attractive than each housemate