'You were the performance of the season': Marcus Collins wins over the X Factor judges while bookies' favourite Janet Devlin falls flat

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By Alanah Eriksen

In theme: Marcus Collins was the stand-out performance of the night with his rendition of Jackie Wilsons 1950s classic, Reet Petite (The Sweetest Girl In Town)

With the revelation that not one but two acts would be going home this week, the X Factor contestants were determined to put on the performances of their lives tonight.

The night was immediately declared a 'ballad-free zone' by host Dermot O'Leary after announcing the dancefloor classic theme.

And picking the perfect song for the toe-taping episode was former hairdresser Marcus Collins.

The 23-year-old's rendition of Jackie Wilson's 1950s classic Reet Petite (The Sweetest Girl in Town) was declared the stand-out performance of the season.

It shot him up as the bookies favourite to win with a 3-1 chance, booting Irish teenager Janet Devlin off her perch where she has sat the entire competition.

He also surpassed The Risk and fellow Scouser Craig Colton who dropped from their places as the second and third favourites to win.

Dressed in a bright blue blazer with his hair slicked back, Marcus' energetic set was complete with an old-style microphone and swing dancers in sparkly attire.

Afterwards, Louis Walsh gushed: 'You are the perfect popstar.'

Going all out: His performance was complete with swing dancers in sparkly attire and an old-style microphone and helped him knock Janet Devlin off her perch as the bookies' favourite to win

Thank you! Marcus went through a range of emotions as he listened to the judges kind words about his energetic set

Tulisa Contostavlos added: 'I heard you rehearsing in my dressing room this morning and was up dancing with my PA.

'You are the one that understands what you have to do in this competition and that's reinvent yourself.'

And Kelly Rowland, returning after being off sick last week, said: 'It has been so wonderful watching you grow... I love me some of you. Great performance babe.'

Not your style: Irish songstress Janet Devlin, who sang Jackson 5's I Want You Back, was clearly out of her comfort zone

Not your best work: Janet gave it her best but her nerves got the better of her and she forgot some of the words

And Gary Barlow said of his act: 'Week on week you get better. That wasn't the performance of the night, that was the performance of the season mate.'

But bookie favourite Janet Devlin disappointed when she forgot the words to Jackson 5's I Want You Back.

Tulisa said: 'You've got your own style, it's amazing... Maybe you should stick with what you know. You looked uncomfortable, you forgot the words.'

Gary, who is usually full of praise for the Irish teenager, said: 'I feel really weird saying this but it just wasn't right tonight. You completely lost your identity.

Kelly added: 'We all have our slip-ups.. You still got out there and had a good time.'

No tension then? The judges Gary Barlow, Kelly Rowland, Tulisa Contostavlos and Louis Walsh are reunited after Kelly was sick last week

Putting on a brave face: Tulisa and Kelly looked happy despite reports they're embroiled in a rift

Trouble brewing: It was Gary and Louis who argued over Frankie's performance, with Gary telling the Irishman to 'get in your cage'

But Louis was happy with the performance, saying: 'I loved the whole interpretation, I love your voice, I'm a big fan.'

But it was the show's resident lothario Frankie Cocozza who copped most of the flack and caused a rift between Louis, Kelly and Gary after his performance of the Black Eyed Peas' I've Got a Feeling.

Louis slammed him, saying: 'That was really bad karaoke. I don't know how you're still in the competition.

'You're not a rockstar, you'll never be a rockstar and the only thing big about you is your hair.'

Not a dance vocalist: The show's resident lothario Frankie Cocozza sang Black Eyed Peas I've Got A Feeling

Causing a rift between the judges: Louis told Frankie his performance was like 'really bad
karaoke' and told him he would never be a rockstar which caused Kelly to lambast him

Tulisa added: 'I don't think it was edgy enough.'

Kelly tried to put Louis in his place by saying: 'I think you're completely out of line telling someone what they'll never be.'

She then addressed Frankie saying: 'I want you to really work on your vocals.

'That's the main ingredient you need in this industry is to sing. I'm not being mean.'

Louis butted in again saying: 'I'm not playing to the cameras like you.'

Then Gary pipped up saying 'Get back in you're cage,' to which Louis replied 'shut-up'.

Harsh: Gary Barlow told former Britney Spears impersonator Kitty Brucknell she couldn't dance

Up to her old tricks: Kitty started her performance wearing a diamond-encrusted robe but ripped it off to reveal a leotard and fishnet stockings

Gary stuck up for his act, saying: 'I think I got the complete wrong song for you and I apologise for that straight away.

'To be booed on this stage is disgusting, that shouldn't be allowed.'

Louis quipped again: 'Sing in tune,' which was then Gary's cue to say 'shut-up'.

The Irishman got in the last word with: 'I won't shut up Gary.'

Camp Johnny Robinson opened the show with Madonna's Hung Up, but cut away in the middle of the song and broke into Dead Or Alive's You Spin Me 'Round.

But his performance was shot down by tough judge Gary.

He quipped: 'It was like the opening of a bad pantomime in Scarborough. It's actually making a mockery of this competition.

Big wheels keep on turning: Misha B sang Tina Turner's version of the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic Proud Mary

Going for gold: Mischa and Marcus were told they were the best performers of the night

'I'm going to ask you a question and I don't want any funny comeback, were you really comfortable singing that?'

Johnny replied that he was to which Gary said: 'Any respect I had for you last week, I've now lost if you enjoyed that.'

Tulisa's comment wasn't much better.

'I did find it a little bit predictable from you,' she said.

'That for me was going back a step.'

However Kelly was full of praise, saying: 'You are my guilty pleasure. I want to jump on stage and dance with you.'

Purple singer: Johnny Robinson opened the show with Madonna's Hung Up but halfway through broke into Dead Or Alive's Spin Me 'Round

Louis also praised his act, saying: 'We need someone like you in the competition...

It wouldn't be the same without Johnny. He's not your typical popstar but the public love him.'

Former Britney Spears impersonator Kitty Brucknell put on her usual theatrical performance with Madonna's Like A Prayer but is sure to be licking her wounds after being told by Gary she couldn't dance.

Wearing a diamond encrusted, black robe, Kitty had stripped off halfway through her performance to reveal a one-shoulder leotard with fishnets and black wedged boots.

Tulisa was the first to speak, saying: 'Every time that time you step on that stage, I am fully entertained and captivated and mesmerized by you. Unlike some people...

you could hold a concert for an hour and a half, an arena tour.

Well done: Craig Colton sand Heaven by Marion Meadows and despite being out of his comfort zone was praised by all four judges

'I wish you got a bit more credit.'

But Kelly wasn't as happy, saying: 'For me that one fell a little bit flat.

'I feel like when you were going across the stage, you were holding back.'

Gary added: 'I loved the performance but I do agree with Kelly.

'I've never seen you move around much before but you can't dance babe. It know that it's rich coming from me. I can't dance. I don't dance.'

Louis said happily of his act: 'I thought it was fantastic. You're far too talented to be a tribute act. People are starting to warm to you. I don't want to lose you.'

Craig Colton had kicked off the performances for the boys tonight singing Heaven by Marion Meadows.

Happy with that performance? Girl band Little Mix sang closed the show with Rihanna's Don't Stop The Music and received praise from the judges

Doing well: Louis told the girls they had broken the girl band X Factor curse by staying in the competition

In the clip before he performed, Gary said the theme didn't match his voice.

But he proved him wrong and the judge told him: 'Craig you totally delivered once again, look at the reaction you got from the crowd, well done.'

Louis added: 'You hit every single note.'

He also joked: 'You know who you remind me of? He reminds me of a young Gary Barlow when he's singing and dancing.'

Tulisa said: 'I knew you could do it.

'I said so something up tempo... and look what happened. This just goes to show how versitile you are.'

Kelly added: 'You sound fantastic.'

Tulisa's remaining boy band The Risk sang a rendition of Shalamar's A Night To Remember with a break-out rap from member Derry Mensah.

Trying something new: The Risk with sang a rendition of Shalamar's A Night To Remember with a break-out rap from member Derry Mensah

They know what they're talking about! Former contestants JLS were on hand this week to offer The Risk some words of advice

And it was a night to remember for the band, but possibly for the wrong reasons.

While Louis praised the performance saying the band had 'put yourself back into the race', Kelly wasn't so sure.

When I heard the song, I was a little bit nervous,' she said.

'The beginning was a little bit loose but then you tightened it up.

She added that the boys' job was to 'sing better, perform better' than boy bands such as JLS, who had provided them tips this week.

Gary said that it was their best song choice to date but agreed with Kelly's comments and added: 'I'm waiting for the point where you realize that Charlie id the lead singer.'

But Tulisa said: ' I have nothing negative to say. Give yourself a pat on the back.
'You won this competition tonight, best performance so far.'

During a clip before their performance it was revealed Derry had given his number to popstar Nicole Scherzinger last week but she hadn't called.

Misha B sang Tina Turner's rendition of the Creedence Clearwater Revival song Proud Mary.

Louie said afterwards: ' I loved that, I loved what you did with the song.'

Kelly added: 'You and Marcus are in a different league tonight, to everybody else.'

Tulisa said it was good to see Misha without her usual heavy make-up and bright clothing.

'I loved tonight how you took it down a bit, you're absolutely stunning. Great performance.'
Gary added: 'You've got your crown back.

'You had a low last week... if this is how you come back, look out everyone.'

Tulisa's second remaining group, girl band Little Mix closed the show with Rihanna's Don't Stop The Music.

Louis said: 'All I can say is I loved everything about that. You've broken the girl band curse on X Factor. Love it, love it, love it.'

Kelly said she would have liked to have seen the girls do a capella because she'd heard them during rehearsals and 'it slayed'.

Gary added: 'Girls, it's hard to fault you, really great vocals.'

Tulisa said: 'You came from nowhere... You are an incredible band. Come on people, pick up the phone for Little Mix.