'I feel absolutely devastated': TOWIE's Lauren Goodger weeps as she discovers her ex, Mark Wright, has kissed Sam Faiers

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By Daily Mail Reporter

Devastated: Lauren Goodger is in floods of tears after watching her ex-fiancé Mark Wright kiss Sam Faiers

She may have been putting on a brave face up until now, but Lauren Goodger's mask finally dropped, quite literally, after she found out her ex-fiancé Mark Wright had kissed Sam Faiers.

Dressed in full Halloween fancy dress, she broke down in tears after seeing the duo kiss - her make-up streaming down her face.

Lauren, 25, was left distraught after she and friend Lauren Pope witnessed Mark and Sam having a secret meeting at a Halloween party, unaware they were being spied on.

Kiss of death: Mark and Sam's smooch is the final nail in the coffin for his relationship with Lauren G

She said: 'It just upsets me...they don't care. He's my boyfriend that I've been with for ten years. I gave him everything. I wish I never met him.'

But her ever philosophical friend replied: 'Everything happens for a reason... It's always going to be hard for you to let go of Mark.'

Obviously heartbroken having witnessed her former love with someone else, Lauren G then declared: 'I can't believe I was with him two months ago, engaged like. I just feel absolutely devastated.'

I definitely wouldn't say I don't love you: Slick-tongued Mark weaves a magic spell on Sam with his banter

Earlier she'd watched in secret as Mark and Sam got cosy on a bench outside the house where the party was taking place.

Thinking they were hidden away from the rest of the TOWIE cast, they proceeded to talk about what was happening between them.

Mark asked Sam, who he has grown closer to since her recent attack, what she wanted.

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He said: 'What do you want from us Sam? Do you just want to have a bit of fun or do you want more?'

Sam excitedly replied: 'Obviously I want more, you know!...I told you last year how I feel about you but it's just one of those things where I don't know if I can trust you...'

She then asked Mark if he loved her, to which he gave a rather cryptic, ambiguous answer.

'I definitely wouldn't say I don't love you...,' he said.

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But it wasn't long before Mark's smooth talking led to a kiss between the two, all of which was seen by the Laurens.

Elsewhere love stories were a running theme, with the dejected Gemma Collins (who had her heart broken by Mick Norcross) declaring her undying love for James 'Arg' Argent.

News of Gemma's newfound crush riled Arg's girlfriend Lydia Bright.

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At the Halloween party Lydia expressed her anger at Gemma's latest declaration of love.

She told her friend Lucy Meckleburgh: 'James went to boot camp and now Gemma's declared her undying love for him. Gemma said to James that she thinks that she loves him!'

A surprised Lucy exclaimed: 'Gemma said to James what?... since when?'

Lydia replied: 'I never thought that I'd be sitting here saying that Gemma Collins is in love with my boyfriend.'

And Lucy wasn't without her own relationship issues, having it out with her boyfriend Mario over the recurring trust issue in their partnership.

After explaining his annoyance at Lucy going through his phone behind his back, Mario also told her that they should not move in together, much to her displeasure.