David Beckham worries his children's Hollywood upbringing will take away their 'hunger' for success

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By Graham Smith

Family Beckham: Parents David and Victoria pose with their sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz last December. A fourth child, Harper, was born in July and David admits he worries about his privileged children's drive for success

He trained long and hard over many years to achieve his position as one of the world's premier sportsmen.

But David Beckham worries his four children's privileged upbringings will extinguish their hunger for personal success.

The 36-year-old and his wife Victoria live in Los Angeles with their three boys - Brooklyn, 12; Romeo, nine; and Cruz, six - and a baby daughter, Harper, born earlier this year.

'They've got a great life set up for them,' David told the Times. 'Obviously are boys and little girl are very lucky.

'But I think, as a parent, you always worry: "Have they got the hunger that I had as a kid?"

The LA Galaxy star grew up in a working-class family in Leytonstone in London's East End.

All he ever dreamt of becoming was a professional footballer and so trained every day under the watchful eye of his strict father Ted.

Beckham ladies: Victoria and four-month-old Harper watch dad David play football in Carson, California, last week

Devoted dad: David cuddled baby Harper a week after she was born in a photo posted on Victoria's Twitter page

And David admitted he is as hard on his sons as his father was on him.

He said: 'I'm as hard on my boys as my dad was. They always ask, "Did I play well?" I'll say, "You did alright, could have done better..."

'The way my dad brought me up, he was strict. I'm exactly the same with my boys.

They have their feet on the ground.'

David is also eyeing a potential move away from Los Angeles to play the next, and possibly his last, season of football in Paris.