The long kiss goodbye: Kelly Brook overjoyed at gift from beau Thom Evans... a very smart car Lingering kiss outside his home

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By Lucy Buckland

She is usually seen in nothing less than a smart dress with towering heels.

But just like the rest of us Kelly Brook likes to relax once in while and don a jumper and some flat boots.

And the 29-year-old curvy star's look is certainly still driving her former rugby ace boyfriend to distraction as he presented her with a gift -a brand new Black Mercedes CL500 car.

It started with a kiss: Kelly Brook gives her boyfriend Thom Evans a lingering kiss as she prepares to leave his house, in her brand new Mercedes

The couple looked closer than ever outside the ITV commentator's home as they parted today, sharing a lingering kiss and hug.

Both have been busy working recently with Kelly promoting a selection of party dresses from New Look and her beau commentating on the World Cup.

And Kelly had ditched her trademark dresses for a jumper sporting the slogan 'Good Girls Love Bad Boys'.

Long goodbye: Kelly Brook gives a big hug goodbye to her boyfriend Thom, who just brought her a brand new Mercedes

What a motor! Kelly Brooks prepares to get into the driving seat of her new car, which seemed to have been dropped off today

Ready to go: Kelly Brooks checks her new car for any scratches before climbing in

But Thom, whose rugby career ended a year ago when he broke his neck playing for Scotland against Wales and was forced to retire, doesn't seem to have a poor reputation in his choice of presents.

The casual jumper is a break for Kelly who was been dressed up to the nines promoting a new range of party dresses for New Look.

And in a recent interview, Kelly said she is happy to be the poster girl for clothes ranges.

And they're off: Kelly takes her new motor for a test drive

Scrubbed up: The pair make a dazzling couple at a recent event

She told The Metro earlier last month: 'I'm not a size zero, which a lot of girls aspire to, but I think because I've embraced what I am and found things that work for me, people respond to that.

'I'm happy when girls run up to me on the beach going, "Oh my God, I'm wearing your swimwear!"