Actually Imogen, most people get dressed before they leave the gym... especially when it's only 44 degrees outside!



Aren't you cold? Imogen Thomas left the gym in London today wearing a crop top and tiny shorts, despite the very cold temperatures

The weather in London might have taken a turn for the worse over the past few days, but one person is determined to pretend the capital is still in the throes of an unseasonable heatwave.

Imogen Thomas was spotted leaving her gym today wearing a tiny pair of blue shorts and a revealing pink crop top after a vigorous workout.

But while Imogen's outfit would have been fine a couple of weeks ago, the 28-year-old model must have been freezing as she braved the 44 degree cold (6 degrees C).

Baring all: Imogen obviously wasn't feeling the cold as she didn't use the cardigan she had tied around her waist

However, Imogen certainly didn't appear to be suffering in the cooler temperatures as she made her way home.

In fact, the outfit she stepped out in yesterday was much more suitable for wearing in October - a comfortable pink tracksuit and flip flops.

Earlier, former Big Brother star Imogen had tweeted a picture of herself working out in the gym.

Working it! Imogen tweeted a picture of herself working out in the gym this morning

She accompanied the shot with the caption: 'Yes work itttttt! Kick arseeeeee...no1 mess with me ;-)'

Imogen's workout came as she told her followers on Twitter that she is suffering with a huge amount of stress as she moves house.

She wrote: 'My life is upside down. Moving house is stressful. Don't know where anythin is! Grrrrr!'

Grabbing a drink: Imogen was spotted picking up a drink after her gym session

Imogen later tweeted: 'I am so stressed. But so happy with everything in my life. Is that possible?'

The Welsh brunette credits regular workout sessions for helping to keep her sane, but said on Twitter that she has been putting on weight in recent weeks.

When someone said she was looking too skinny, Imogen replied: 'Really? I've put on weight since america.'

She later told another fan: 'I can't get skinny I love my food way too much!'

Curvy and proud: Imogen is rightly proud of her figure, despite admitting recently she has put on weight over the past few weeks

That's better: Imogen's outfit yesterday, a comfortable tracksuit, was much more suitable for the cooler weather

source: dailymail