2011 Miss World Sports Final Live Updates! (Part 1)

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Check here for the 2011 Miss World Final Sports updates. We will keep this article updated throughout the day on the latest results of the events as they are happening.

24th October, 2011: update 1:30pm
Team Results
1st Place: Group 3, the Blue Team!
2nd Place: Group 4, the Orange team!
3rd Place: Group 2, the Green team!
4th Place: Group 1, the Red team!

Guatemala and Bolivia pick up special awards for the haggis hurling event - a cuddly cow each!

Green Team (Group Two) got a Best Supporters Award!
Shuttle Run results
1st - Group Three (Panama, Paraguay, Germany, Jamaica, Latvia, Portuga)
2nd - Group Four (Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Singapore, Uganda, Scotland)
3rd - Group One (Bonaire, Australia, Bahamas, Canada, Chile, Bolivia)
4th - Group Two (Czech Republic, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Botswana)

Sprint Results:
The six winners from the sprints (six different groups, the winner from each group). Trinidad & Tobago, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Latvia, Uganda, Scotland.
24th October, 2011: update 12:01pm
Placings so far...
1st: Group One
2nd: Group Two
3rd: Group Four
4th: Group Three
Coming up next - team shuttle run and the final sprint!

24th October, 2011: update 11:50am
Farmer's Dash Results:
1st: Group Four (Orange): Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Singapore, Uganda, Scotland
2nd: Group One (Red): Bonaire, Australia, Bahamas, Canada, Chile, Bolivia
3rd: Group Three (Blue): Panama, Paraguay, Germany, Jamaica, Latvia, Portugal
4th: Group Two (Green): Czech Republic, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Botswana

First Round Results for Highland Games: Group 4 beat Group 3 and Group 1 beat Group 2. Now groups 2 and 3 are competing in the runner-up playoffs.

October 24, 2011: last updated 9:08am
Results from the first swimming race:
1st: Bonaire
2nd: Czech Republic
3rd: Trinidad & Tobago
4th: Panama

Results from the second swimming race:
1st: Paraguay
2nd: Guatemala
3rd: Australia
4th: Puerto Rico

Results from the third swimming race:
1st: Dominican Republic
2nd: Sweden
3rd: Jamaica
4th: Bahamas

Results for the fourth swimming race:
1. Latvia
2. Denmark
3. Canada
4. Singapore

Results from the fith swimming race:
1st: Chile
2nd: Hungary
3rd: Portugal
4th: Uguanda

Results from the sixth and final swimming race:
1st: Scotland
2nd: Germany
3rd: Botswana
4th: Bolivia

At this stage in the Sports Final, the leading team is group 2: Czech Republic, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Botswana

source: Globalbeauties, Missworld