Who's best at Baywatch? The Big Brother housemates don the iconic swimsuits for a slow-motion running task

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Perfect pose: Maisy's blonde locks \are very similar to the former Baywatch star's

Given the claim to fame of the celebrity housemate in residence, it wasn't going to be long before Big Brother launched a Baywatch-style task.

And there was no mistaking the red swimsuits the housemates slipped on yesterday afternoon.

The housemates turned into the iconic lifeguards for the challenge which involved running in slow motion for as long as possible.

Dead ringer? Maisy James did arguably the best Pamela Anderson impression as the housemates suited up for a slow-motion running task

Heaven and Aden, who had previously won 'magical golden swimsuits' in the VIP and speed dating tasks did not have to take part.

Pamela, who got up to give a helpful demonstration, told the contestants that they should 'shake their heads back and forth as if the wind was blowing through their hair.'

But as a nod to the gravity of a lifeguard's responsibilities she added that they should keep ‘a look of determination on their faces’ as they imagined sailing across the gleaming sand.

She means business: Maisy, who won the task, certainly looked like she was prepared to go the distance

Very appropriately given her Pamela-esque blonde locks, store model Maisy was crowned winner of the task.

The determined 19-year-old managed to keep running for an impressive 34 minutes.
She also received a golden swimsuit, though it is not yet known what privileges the coveted garment will endow her with.

Extra help? Faye appeared to be wearing a bra under her suit

Ready for action: In true lifeguard style Louise was clutching an orange float

The housemates all took advantage of the opportunity to show off in their sexy garb, with Louise getting particularly flirtatious as she pulled down her costume while whispering to Jay.

Faye and Tom were a little more playful, jokingly trying out some dance moves in their lifeguard gear.

Aaron seemed a little jaded by the whole thing, however.

Hardly the Hoff: Harry Tom and Mark were flailing a little during the task, which involved running in slow motion for as long as possible

Showing them how it's done: Pamela did a demonstration for the housemates

Whip your hair! Pamela told the housemates to shake their heads back and forth as if the wind was blowing through their hair

The concerned father-of-one asked Pamela: ‘Does it bother you at all that
[the tasks] are very Baywatch focused? You've done other good stuff like Barb Wire.’

Anderson brushed off the 30-year-old's worries, defending the iconic show as she replied: 'It's cool... Baywatch is a good thing, it's really positive, it was good stuff.'

Stay serious: Pamela also told the contestants to keep a 'look of determination' on their faces

Pamela's certainly had her hands full since she entered the Big Brother house.

On Saturday night Tom, Tashie, Faye, Heaven and Louise were treated to a decadent evening in the VIP area of the garden, hosted by the star.

Pammi gave each of them a special VIP bracelet, before heading outside to their special secluded area.

Bit flirtatious? Louise pulled her suit down but covered her chest with her hands as Jay leaned in to hear her whisper

Baywatch buff: Aaron looked very comfortable with the challenge

There they were treated to luxury canapés, snacks, non-alcoholic cocktails and champagne, while the non VIP housemates slummed it with warm larger and crisps.

As the night ticked on, the foursome were required to entertain the Canadian actress by showing off their dance moves whenever music played, telling stories and making her laugh.

Following the celebrations, Anderson chose dancer and holistic healer Heaven as the most entertaining housemate, and she was bestowed with her golden swimsuit.

You like the way I move? Faye and Tom show off in their suits

After the drama of the first night, Pamela's next task involved spending some quality time getting hot and sweaty with the housemates.

She speed dated each individual in the sauna, but unknown to them she was able to secretly control the length of each date with the use of a safe word.

Aden won the task, and like Heaven was therefore allowed to sit out of the swimsuit challenge.

Immunity: Because Pamela had deemed her the 'most entertaining' housemate, Heaven donned a 'magical' gold swimsuit, and didn't have to take part in the task

Big Brother UK 2011 - Highlights Show Sept 11 Part 1

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