A step too far? Peaches Geldof appears to have lost even more weight at Fashion's Night Out


By Iona Kirby

Super skinny: Peaches Geldof looked thinner than ever at Vogue's Fashion's Night Out

Peaches Geldof looked thinner than ever when she attended the Vogue Fashion's Night Out party last night.

The 22-year-old has been rapidly losing weight for months and appears to be continuing to shrink in size.

Bob Geldof's daughter wore a flimsy metallic Vivienne Westwood dress to the fashion event, which hung off her tiny frame and showed her protruding collarbone.

She also went bare-legged and displayed her twig-like limbs.

She had already received criticism for looking too thin when she posted a picture of herself wearing the same dress on her Twitter account last month.

But that did not seem to deter her from donning the dress, which clearly flaunted her jutting bones, last night.

Gaunt Peaches was spotted at the Vivienne Westwood store for the event and also took to the decks to try her hand at being a DJ.

Tiny: The socialite appears to have lost yet more weight

She has insisted that her weight loss has been 'healthy' and attributed the dramatic
difference to her figure was a result of cutting out junk food.

She told the Evening Standard: 'I've lost weight. I've had avian flu.'

The socialite went on to defend her new lifestyle on Twitter, insisting she was perfectly healthy.

She said: 'To those telling me I look skinny and to eat something, I can assure you I've just cut out eating c**p. I still eat like a horse, guys!

Curvy: Her famous curves landed Peaches a campaign for Miss Ultimo lingerie

'All these "Peaches Geldof: so skinny", "Peaches Geldof's drastic weight loss" articles are becoming boring. I eat more healthily now. That's it.

'Obviously I'm going to look thinner if I don't sit around eating pizza and chips. It's just how the body works. You are a product of what you eat.'

Explaining her diet, she said: 'Lots of fresh fruit and veg and no bread/wheat.'

Healthier: Peaches is almost unrecognisable after her dramatic weightloss

Peaches had been estimated to have lost one and a half stone since March, dropping from 10st to 8 1/2 st.

However with each public appearance she looks like she may have lost even more weight.

The socialite was once praised for her curves, which landed her a role as the face of lingerie brand Miss Ultimo.