'Oh my god, that's Pamela Anderson!' Shock and screams as the new Big Brother 2011 contestants meet their celebrity housemate

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Hi everybody! Pamela Anderson looked sensational in a gorgeous red dress as she greeted the surprised Big Brother 2011 housemates

Walking into the Big Brother house for the first time must have been daunting enough for the new Big Brother housemates.

So it came as no surprise that when they came face-to-face with a Hollywood star they were more than a little overawed.

As the 14 new housemates got acquainted with each other and their surroundings, the shutters opened, showing the contestants their garden.

But as they made their way to the doors, Pamela Anderson, 44, was sitting outside looking sensational in a figure-hugging red dress.

At first, the housemate were unsure what was going on until the penny dropped and someone shouted: 'Oh my god, it's Pamela Anderson!'

Let's check out the garden: The housemates rush to the windows as the shutters go up - little knowing the surprise in store for them

Is that who we think it is? The housemates peer outside the window as it dawns on them who the famous guest is

Oh my god, it's really her! The contestants surround the former Baywatch babe as she gets to know them

Some started rushing towards the former Baywatch star while others just casually strode out, trying to hide their excitement, as musician Anton Murphy held his hands and thanked the heavens.

Mark Anderson, who was the first one to enter the house and describes himself as a 'modern day jester', couldn't contain his excitement at all.

After giving the blonde bombshell a big hug, he told her, 'You are really fit in real life as well', before adding: 'When you used to run slowly across the beach, I used to think that was the most amazing thing.'

Nice to meet you: Pamela goes to give everyone a hug and a kiss - as sales assistant Mark looked in complete awe at the actress

Dream come true: As Mark hugged Pamela, he couldn't resist telling her she was 'fit in real life as well'

Heaven Africa, a holistic healer, then asked her:' How have they got you to do Big Brother? Are you in for a few days?'

Pamela, who seemed keen to stress she wasn't there for the entirety, said: 'I am, we're gonna have so much fun.

Hello handsome: Pamela plants a kiss on Aden's cheek

Give us a hug: Megan Fox lookalike Louise Cliff embraces the Hollywood star

'I am just going to talk to you for a while. I'm here for a few days but am having so much fun I might stay longer.'

The housemates nervously gabbed nineteen to the dozen as they surrounded the star as she joked she couldn't understand them all.

Here come the boys: Sales assistant Mark Henderson and father of one Aaron Allard-Morgan were the first men to enter the house

But what the housemates don't know is that being Pamela's best friend will bring big rewards for them - if she likes them.

It had certainly been an eventful evening for the 14 housemates as they faced the public and entered the house just a few hours earlier.

First ladies: Maisy James and Heaven Africa came in second and fourth

First in was Mark Henderson, a single sales assistant who, as he entered the house, said: 'Don't say anything too stupid. Am I the first one here?'

Abercrombie and Fitch store model Maisy James was the second one in and got booed by the crowd as she made her way into the house and posed for the cameras.

The crazy and the quiet: Thomas O'Connell arrived in a multi-coloured top and shorts while psychiatry student Aden sauntered in

'I'm not the first one in!' she declared as she met Mark who wanted to show her the bath shaped like an egg, telling her it was his 'favourite thing so far'.

Aaron Allard-Morgan from Weston-Super-Mare was greeted by a mixture of cheers and boos and immediately upon walking through the door was asked by Mark if he was any good at opening champagne bottles.

Pink ladies: Tashie Jackson strutted towards the house in a figure-hugging cerise dress while Alex Rose went for a baby shade of the colour for her dress

Heaven Africa laughed her head off as she walked in the house screaming, 'oh my god, oh my god!' before Thomas O'Connell followed suit demanding hugs from everyone.

Belly-dancer Tashie Jackson, who told Brian that she can swear in Spanish, French, Arabic and Cypriot, who next in, followed by psychiatry student Adem, who took the whole thing in his stride as he casually and confidently went into the house.

Self-made men: Businessman Harry Blake and music producer Anton Murphy casually strolled into the house

McDonalds worker Alex Rose was in next and was very nervous and giggly but was given a reassuring hug by Heaven.

Harry Blake, who owns a milkshake company, was in next closely followed by Rebeckah Vaughan, who was in tears when she walked down the stairs and met her housemates, asking if she was the first one to cry.

The princess and the wrestler: Rebeckah Vaughan and Faye Palmer couldn't have looked more different

Record producer Anton Murphy was the eleventh person in and looked cool and confident as he faced his housemates for the first time as female wrestler Faye Palmer went in after him making it an even dozen.

She admitted she was shaking even when Heaven told her she looked hot, before all female eyes turned to fitness instructor Jay McKray as he walked down the stairs and introduced himself to everyone before he was followed in by the last contestant, Megan Fox lookalike Louise Cliff.

Last but not least: Jay McKray and Louise Cliff were the final contestants to enter the house

Big Brother UK 2011 - Launch Night Part 6

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