'I truly despise you and you’re unattractive inside': Serena Williams’ extraordinary outburst at U.S. Open umpire lands her a $2,000 fine

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By Alanah Eriksen

Have a word: Serena Williams launched an angry tirade at the umpire after she was penalised for yelling 'come on' before her opponent had reached the ball

Serena Williams launched an angry verbal attack on an umpire during the U.S. Open final, calling her 'unattractive inside' and a loser - and she's been fined $2,000 over it.

The American had received a code violation for yelling 'come on' after battling to hang on to her serve during the start of her second set against Samantha Stosur yesterday.

The ball had not yet reached the Australian and, under grand slam rules, a deliberate hindrance, such as an intentional shout during a point, sees the perpetrator lose the point.

Williams, who eventually lost 6-2 6-3, found out on Monday that the Sunday night outburst cost her $2,000 - a drop in the bucket consider the $1.4million she earned at the Open.

She earned $900,000 for reaching the final, plus a $500,000 bonus for finishing first in the standings of the U.S. Open Series, which takes into account results at hard-court tuneup tournaments.

The USTA also said Grand Slam committee director Bill Babcock determined "Williams' conduct ... does not rise to the level of a major offense." She was under probation because of an outburst at the 2009 U.S. Open.

Hitting out: Williams argues with Greek umpire Eva Asderaki during her grand slam defeat to Sam Stosur

The incident follows her infamous verbal attack on a lineswoman which cost her a point penalty and her US Open semi-final against Kim Clijsters in 2009.

She was given a hefty fine and was still playing under a two-year suspended ban this year.

Yesterday, Williams was being outplayed by Stosur at Arthur Ashe Stadium and had already lost the first set when she let out a huge cry.

Chair umpire Eva Asderaki then told her the point would go to Stosur because she had committed an intentional hinderance.

Williams asked for a replay but when the Greek umpire refused, the tennis star accused her of being involved in the 2009 incident.

Pointing her finger, Williams yelled: 'Aren't you the one that screwed me over last time here? Yeah you are.

'Seriously, you have it out for me?

'I promise you, that's not cool. That's totally not cool.

'I truly despise you.

And during the break, she continued her tirade.

Sitting in a chair while drinking water, Williams warned her: 'If you ever see me walking down the hall, look the other way because you're out of control.

'You're a hater and you're just unattractive inside.

'Who would do such a thing? And I never complain. Wow. What a loser.

'You get a code violation because I express who I am. We're in America last I checked.

'Can I get a water? Or am I going to get violated for a water?

'Really, don't even look at me. I promise you don't look at me... Don't look my way.'
Ms Asderaki didn't respond as she listened to the rant.

Williams hugged Stosur after the match but then immediately walked off, ignoring Ms Asderaki as the Australian athlete reached up to the umpire's chair to shake her hand.

Ranting: Williams called the umpire 'unattractive inside' and a loser and warned her to 'look the other way' if she sees her in the hall

Williams refused to apologise and was unwilling to discuss the incident in a press conference.

She laughed as she told reporters: 'I don't even remember what I said, I'm sorry.

'It was just so intense out there. It's the final for me. I guess I'll see it on YouTube. I don't know. I was just in the zone. I think everyone when they play kind of zones out.'

But she spoke highly of her opponent, saying: 'She was cracking 'em today. She definitely hit hard and just went for broke.

Pointing her finger, Williams yelled: 'Aren't you the one that screwed me over last time here? Yeah you are'

Williams laughed in a press conference afterwards, saying she didn't remember what she said but would probably 'see it on YouTube'

Still going: Williams continued her rant during the break while sipping water and drying herself off with a towel

'And I think sometimes, a lot of people were putting me as the favorite and I definitely was trying not to put myself as the favorite. I was like 'It's anyone's game' as you can see after the result today.'

The United States Tennis Association decided today to fine her.

A statement from the organisers yesterday said : 'Any impact this code violation might have on Serena Williams' Grand Slam probation would require the incident being ruled a major event. That determination will be made by the Grand Slam Committee Director.'

The match was Stosur's first at Arthur Ashe Stadium where she secured a maiden grand slam title.

The 27-year-old became the first Australian woman to win a grand slam title since Evonne Goolagong in 1980.

Stosur said it was intimidating playing against Williams.

Sealed with a kiss: Stosur celebrates her first her Grand Slam success in New York

Big crowd: Thousands watched Williams' rant during her defeat by Stosur

'She's probably the best player of at least my generation of playing. Not only is she big in stature and all that, she's got a huge game.

'But it kind of becomes more irrelevant and becomes about the task on that day, playing the match.'

She added of her win: 'I'm still kind of speechless. I can't actually believe I won this tournament.

'I've played matches where I feel like I can't miss a ball, and it's fantastic, but to do it under these circumstances in this kind of final against a player like Serena, for sure I'm going to think it's one of the best days of my career.'