'Don't let anyone take this opportunity away from you': Kelly Rowland persuades one young X Factor hopeful to turn her back on her girl band and audit

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By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Girls divided: Chrissie Pitt, far right, was encouraged to leave her bandmates and audition on her own

She found fame in a girl band performing together for more than a decade before going solo so she knows all about ladies sticking together.

But X Factor judge Kelly Rowland told one young hopeful to audition on her own without her band mates for the competition.

Chrissie Pitt, 26, who auditioned as a solo artist last year was told by Kelly not to let anyone stand in the way of her dream and persuaded her to perform on her own without her girl group Twisted after they failed to get through.

Pep talk: After the girls had exited the stage Kelly went backstage to find Chrissie to try and get her to audition on her own and gave her a rousing speech to not let anyone stand in the way of her dreams

Kelly made her way backstage and told Chrissie: ‘This is your opportunity, don’t let anyone take this away from you, look at me, don’t let anyone take this away from you.’

Earlier took to the stage with her bandmates Cheryl Moody, Katie Orrock, and Paige Flaherty as girl group Twisted to perform Adele’s Someone Like You.

But the judges were left underwhelmed by the performance and Kelly, Gary and Louis all rejecting the group, with just Tulisa saying yes.

Another shot: After taking Kelly's advice Chrissie returned to the stage and fought back the tears to perform on her own after admitting she felt really guilty for leaving her friends

Mixed reaction: Cheryl Moody, Katie Orrock, and Paige Flaherty watched in tears backstage as Chrissie gave it another go on her own

Good decision: Chrissie put her feelings of guilt to one side to perform in front of the judges on her own and is given a place at bootcamp

Kelly explained: 'I listened to you and I'm like "oh my gosh", she (Chrissie) has this great voice and she came back this year with a group and you just kind of doubted yourself.'

'I just don't see if, it's going to be a no I'm so sorry.'

While Chrissie pleaded that being in a girl group felt right she was persuaded by the Destiny's Child singer to return to the stage where she put on a stellar performance after being given some more advice from Kelly to really give it her all.

Chrissie was left torn and felt guilty for coming back on her own but decided to take to the stage with tears in her eyes.

Unbelievable: All four judges were completely blown away by Lascel Wood's performance on the X Factor, which aired last night

And her courage was rewarded when she was given a place at bootcamp while her friends watched on from backstage.

Every hopeful’s performance in front of the X Factor judges is special but for one young singer his time on stage was more important than most.

And for college student Lascel Wood it was the first time his own mother had heard him sing.

The 20-year-old from Brighton blew all the judges away with his rendition of Kings Of Leon Use Somebody and left Kelly in tears.

Outstanding: Lascel blew the judges away and even reduced Kelly to tears at his performance in Manchester as he performed in front of his real mother for the very first time

Blown away: The panel were left shell-shocked by the 20-year-old's ability and all four judges highly commended his performance with Kelly being reduced to tears

She gushed: ‘I’m very emotional,’ she added: ‘I don’t know you but I’m very proud of you, to come here today and just really do such a wonderful job in this audition and the relationship you have with your mother is just so beautiful.’

Gary said: ‘Lascel that was absolutely stunning, and I think for me more so than the beautiful singing, the great pitch the great timing, more importantly than that was that I believed every single word that you sang to us.’

Tulisa was equally complementary and described the performance as ‘absolutely outstanding’ ‘amazing’ and ‘unbelievable’.

Lascel revealed that he was put into foster care when he was just four years old because his mother had bi-polar disorder, but despite maintaining a close relationship she had never heard him sing.

He explained: ‘Growing up wasn’t always easy, I was in and out of foster care as a child, but that happened and it was just something that was a part of my life that I’ve moved on from and it’s made me more thick-skinned and made me who I am today.’

Tears all round: Lascel's mother was also left in tears as she heard her son perform for the first time. She was forced to put him into foster care when he was four because of her bi-polar disorder

Tulisa asked if his foster parents were supportive of him and he explained he was out of foster care and he had brought his mother along today and revealed that he hasn’t seen him perform.

And Lascel was given a standing ovation from all of the judges after his performance and the singer said he was left feeling ‘emotional’.

His mother joined him on stage and told Tulisa that she was ‘proud, very proud’ of her son.

Impressive: The judges loved 31-year-old Samantha's rendition of One Moment In Time by Whitney Houston which left Kelly Rowland wanting to crowd surf

Great performance: After Samantha finished singing Kelly Rowland was on her feet and exclaimed: 'I can't sit down because I am still so excited. If I could crowd surf right now I totally would

The judges were also impressed with 31-year-old Samantha who got the judges extremely excited with her version of One Moment In Time by Whitney Houston.

The barmaid took to the stage and revealed that she was in love with Louis and told him: 'I want you! I've got such a crush on you.'

Samantha then proceeded to turn around and wiggle her bottom at him before performing.

And her performance left Kelly Rowland on her feet and she exclaimed: 'I can't sit down because I am still so excited. If I could crowd surf right now I totally would.'

But Manchester duo Kendro made up of Alejanero, 18, and Keneal, 23, failed to impress with their tone-deaf attempt to sing Lady Gaga's Born This Way.

Dud duo: Alejandro and Keneal failed to impress as Kendro with their rendition of Lady Gaga's Born This Way