Catwoman Anne Hathaway goes from leather to ladylike on the set of The Dark Knight Rises

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Ladylike: Anne Hathaway is pictured on the Dark Knight Rises set in LA today in character as Selina Kyle

Catwoman's alter ego Selina Kyle is typically portrayed as a petty thief.

But it appears as though the character may be moving on up for Anne Hathaway's portrayal of her in The Dark Knight Rises.

The actress was pictured on the Los Angeles set of the film today looking very prim and proper.

The 28-year-old's ladylike appearance is a far cry from the publicity still released by Warner Bros last month showing Anne in a leather catsuit riding her motorbike.

Hathaway filmed scenes today dressed in a black dress and cropped jacket, gloves, a wide-brimmed hat and heels.

Anne wore a perfect pout of red lipstick and wore prim pearl earrings.

Prim: Hathaway's Selina looks far removed from the petty thief of the DC Comics

While she waited in between takes, the actress removed her jacket to stay cool in the sweltering LA heat, which hit 89F today.

When director Christopher Nolan yelled 'action,' Anne wheeled her suitcase and handbag to the curb and hailed a yellow taxi.

Christian Bale was also spotted on set negotiating traffic. Bale, dressed in a black suit, weaved his way in and out of cars on a busy street.

Hard day's work: The 28-year-old filmed a scene where she hails a cab on the LA set

Alter ego: Anne's prim appearance is a far cry from her leather catsuit as Catwoman

The actor, who stars as Batman in the film franchise, was seen getting his make-up touched up in between scenes.

Filming moved to California this week from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Little is known about the storyline for this film, which co-stars Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and sees Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine also reprise their roles.

Down town: Christian Bale was also spotted weaving through the traffic on set

Night shoot: Anne was pictured filming in a winter set-up in LA earlier this week

source: dailymail