'Take a good look at this, you ain't ever gonna get this candy': Gemma Collins confronts James Argent in Marbella special

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By Kirsty Mccormack

Look at what you're missing! Gemma Collins confronts James 'Arg' Argent on The Only Way Is Marbs

On the last episode of The Only Way Is Essex, viewers saw Gemma Collins admit to James 'Arg' Argent just how much she likes him, but last night she wasn't so kind.

The blonde reality TV star decided to confront him during a special episode set in Marbella, Spain, after discovering what he's really been saying about her.

Gemma was quick to tell Arg that she was too good for him and didn't hold back when it came to flaunting her body either.

Feeling like a fool: Arg looked embarrassed by what Gemma was saying in front of everyone

As Arg fooled around in the pool with Joey Essex and a few of the other guys
following the champagne party, Gemma approached him wearing a black swimming costume and a bright pink sarong.

'Hi Arg, I just wanna say something to you,' she started with. 'You've been going around discussing what happened between us, well let me tell you something now, you don't ever disrespect a girl like that again.'

As she began to untie her sarong, Arg looked on confused as the other partygoers sat around the pool and listened carefully.

Revealing all: The blonde mocked Arg and made it clear that she was too good for him

'Take a good look at this, you ain't ever gonna get this candy,' she said as her sarong fell to the floor.

'I don't get it Gemma,' was all that Arg could say. 'I don't understand.'

'I don't like the way your turned around and say "Oh she's got a pretty face but she's got no metabolism." I'm f***ing sexy James and I know it,' she added.

Look of confusion: Arg looked baffled by what Gemma was saying and doing in front of the crowd

'Take a look at this candy': The blonde reality TV star removed her sarong as she continued her speech

'I know, you're lovely,' he replied. 'So why do you feel the need to make a scene?'

'I don't even want to go out with you Arg,' Gemma continued. 'You disrespect girls. You cheated on Lydia how many times?'

'Well you cheated on Charlie and Rami with me' Arg retaliated with, before Gemma dismissed kissing as cheating.

Not holding back: Gemma told him that he shouldn't 'disrespect girls'

Feeling embarrassed: The dark-haired TV star made out like he didn't know what Gemma was talking about

'You think I'm pretty but I'm too fat to go out with you James. I might not be a size ten but I've got a good heart, so take that and kiss that,' she said as she slapped her bottom and strutted off past her co-stars.

'Kiss my a**e!' she added, as the crowd cheered and Arg sank into the water with his champagne flute.

Gemma arrived late in Marbella, but she didn't waste any time in talking about her situation with Arg.

'Kiss this': Gemma strutted away from the pool to loud cheers from the crowd

She told Billie and Sam Faiers and Jessica Wright that was annoyed with him after hearing what he'd been saying about her, but added: 'When I see James, I'm like butter and melt. When you're like that, you can't resist spreading the butter on the bread.'

But Arg didn't have such complimentary things to say in return, as earlier on in the day when he was asked about his situation with Gemma, he couldn't help but mention her size.

'She's got a pretty face, and I think if she was as skinny as Lydia then she's definitely be prettier than her,' he said, before Joey Essex replied: 'But she's not.'

That's Entertainment: Ricky Rayment and Jessica Wright whisper and giggle as they watch the scene unfold

Arg was quick to insist that he and Gemma were 'just friends' but after revealing the intimate details of what they recently got up to together, the guys told him in no uncertain terms that friends 'don't do that.'

It is unknown where the pair's relationship will go from here, as Arg's ex-girlfriend Lydia is currently loved-up with Tom Kileby, so no doubt he'll feel that he needs to get his own back once again.