Struggling to make your mind up?! Imogen Thomas changes outfits THREE times in one morning... to go shopping in Sainsbury's


By Kimberley Dadds

She always ensures she's styled to perfection in case a camera just happens to be looming around the corner.

But Imogen Thomas has now taken her vanity to new extremes.

The former Big Brother star was spotted stepping out of her house this morning in not one, not two, but three different outfits.

How many clothes?! Imogen Thomas changes three times in one morning before finally heading out to do some food shopping

And it was all so she could look her best for an excursion to her local Sainsbury's.

Imogen, 29, first walked out of her London home in a strapless floorlength black dress.

She wore flip flops with sunglasses on as she scraped her hair back into a ponytail, while she accessorised with a large animal print bag.

Final look: After A LOT of indecision the Big Brother star finally opted for a vest top and denim shorts

But after walking along the street the glamour model then disappeared in her house again to change into another ensemble.

Imogen then emerged in her second outfit of the morning.

This time she showed off more skin with a Versace-inspired mini-dress in a red, white and turquoise print.

Three looks: Imogen showed the extent of her wardrobe as she showed off outfit after outfit all morning, starting with a black dress, followed by a mini frock and finishing in denim shorts

And she even changed her accessories, going for brown wedges and a red/brown leather handbag.

But the look was short-lived as she got changed yet again before finally heading out food shopping.

Thomas let her hair down for her third and final look, while she went for denim shorts with a leather belt, a beige vest top and a black fringed bag.

Imogen then stepped out to run her errands and bought a Big Issue off a female seller outside the shop.