An incentive to start the summer diet! Denise Richards shows off her taut stomach and toned thighs in slinky boob tube bikini


By Nadia Mendoza

Natural beauty: Denise Richards looks striking in a bikini as she poses against the backdrop of a Malibu pool

The rain may have lulled us into a false sense of security that it's a long way until summer.

But as we close ever closer to June, the sunshine season is very much on the horizon.

And judging from these incredible pictures of Denise Richards, it might be time to start the diet frenzy.

The 41-year-old showed off her flat stomach and toned thighs in a slinky black boob tube bikini.

The mother-of-two biological children - she also has adopted daughter Eloise - posed against the beautiful backdrop of a Malibu pool, turned back the clocks with her youthful body.

Most women half of Denise's age struggle to achieve, let alone maintain, such a desirable body.

Rolling back the years: Despite her 41 years, Denise has the body most women half her age struggle to achieve

No size zero! Despite a trim figure, Denise revealed she went to an Italian restaurant for her nephew's birthday

Denise obviously has a strict workout regime and food intake, or is blessed with enviable genes.

However, Charlie Sheen's former wife still indulges in hearty Italian food.

Following an outing to celebrate nephew Alec turning 17, she tweeted: 'Had a yummy family birthday dinner for my nephew at our fave restaurant Giorgio's good..'

Super svelte: Denise has two daughters with Charlie Sheen, but regained her pre-pregnancy shape

Not much has changed: Denise looked smoking in her bikini, starring in Wild Things with Neve Campbell in 1998

In 2007, following the birth of Sami, now eight, and seven-year-old Lola, Denise said regaining her pre-pregnancy body was easy.

At the time, she said: 'I'm naturally thin and I feel I'm a good weight for my body (she's thought to weigh 117lbs, or 8st 5lbs). For me, losing the weight wasn't that difficult. I was lucky.

'I didn't work out for five hours a day. I had to wait six weeks before I could do anything after my babies because I had a C-section each time. I took it very slowly getting back into it.'

Enviable: Denise claims she is 'naturally slim'