Get me to hair and make-up now! Carol Vorderman arrives at work looking tired but leaves looking glamorous in a busty blouse


By Kirsty Mccormack

Last night she showed off her fantastic figure in a bright orange dress and today Carol Vorderman continued highlighting her curves.

The 51-year-old star stepped out in the sunshine following a transformation after taking a seat in the hair and make-up chair at the ITV studios.

Vorderman, who presents daytime show Loose Women, arrived for work looking a little tired and dressed casually but left with a huge smile on her face wearing a low-cut shirt.

Before and after: Carol Vorderman arrives at the ITV studios today looking a little tired but leaves feeling glamorous in a busty blouse (R)

The mother-of-two clearly didn't bother making much effort with her appearance when she left the house this morning as she knew that the hair and make-up team would work their magic.

However, she still decided to show off her figure in a pair of tight-fitting blue jeans and a clingy grey T-shirt.

The former Countdown star appeared to be in good spirits as she waved to the camera but kept a pair of aviator sunglasses firmly in place - perhaps hiding the telltale signs of a late night.

Late night? The mother-of-two kept her sunglasses on as she entered the building

Confident lady: Vorderman left the studios wearing a low-cut white shirt that highlighted her bust

As she tottered inside the building wearing a pair of peep-toe heels, Vorderman looked ready for her slot on the panel show.

When she emerged a few hours later, the brunette's figure-hugging jeans and khaki shoes were still in place but her boring T-shirt has been replaced by a structured white blouse.

All made up: The 51-year-old no longer needed her sunglasses as she left work in her tight-fitting top

The V-neck garment highlighted Vorderman's bust and also featured volumised sleeves.

Obviously feeling a lot more confident, the TV star wore her sunglasses on top of her head ensuring that she could show off her made-up face.

Vorderman is no stranger to wearing low-cut garments and last night wowed onlookers in a floor-length dress at The British Inspiration Awards.

Standing out from the crowd: The TV presenter wore a bright orange dress to The British Inspiration Awards in London last night