Christina Aguilera ignores The Voice of reason and opts for tight sparkly pants at finale

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By Daily Mail Reporter

By all rights, last night should have been in honour of the four remaining contestants on The Voice.

But Christina Aguilera stayed true to the attention seeker she's been all season and shifted the focus to - who else - herself.

The 30-year-old diva may have looked respectable from the waist up, but her bottom half was a different story.

Who wears short shorts? Christina Aguilera bared her body in a pair of hot pants yesterday on The Voice's season finale

The bleach blonde singer wore nothing save for a pair of sparkly hot pants and tights while appearing on the show's season finale.

While male judges Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green kept the attention focused on their contestants, odd woman out Christina had to make a spectacle of herself.

Immediately after contestant, Chris Mann, was ranked as number four, Xtina literally bum-rushed the stage to give him solace.

So cheeky! The 30-year-old singer bared her bum last night on The Voice

Cosying up to the Mann: Chris Mann wrapped a protective arm around his coach
Or, more likely, she wanted to show off her slimmer new figure.

Unfortunately, the rest of her ensemble would have been cute, as she wore a sparkly black tuxedo blazer over a crisp white shirt.

The blouses' buttons were undone a few more than what should have been respectable, but Christina clearly isn't one to shy away from showing a little (or a lot) of skin.

What are you looking at? Mann can't seem to keep his eyes on Christina's face

The cheeky singer also may have a reason for feuding with former Mouseketeer Tony Lucca all season.

She's had it out for nemesis Levine's contestant, who, incidentally, bested her own in third place, since day one.

Aguilera has been consistently rude to her former co-star, referring to him as 'one dimensional'.

I accept! The award for most revealing costume of the evening goes to...Xtina Aguilera

She even slandered him in front of his wife and son on Monday night's show, calling his performance of 99 Problems 'derogatory to women'.

However, another fellow ex-Mouseketeer has come forward to say Xtina has been so harsh all season because Lucca spurned her during their Mickey Mouse Club days.

Dale Godboldo told 'Britney [Spears] was in love with him. Christina was in love with him. Mylin [Brooks] was in love with him.

The reason for the feud revealed: The 30-year-old has been nasty to contestant Tony Lucca all season

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned: She was mean to Tony because he didn't love her when she was a child

'All of this [Voice] madness was not brought on by Tony.'

In fact, the now-36-year-old is six years old than Aguilera, whom he considered to be a little sister; she was 11, he 17 when they co-starred together.

Also, he was dating the beautiful and age appropriate Keri Russell at the time.

Apparently hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

The last laugh: Though Adam Levine's contestant, Lucca, didn't win last night, he still bested Christina's

Crushing hard: Christina had a crush on Tony when they starred on The Mickey Mouse Club together