Natasha Giggs is shown the red card as she becomes the second to leave Celebrity Big Brother

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By Emily Sheridan

Second out: Natasha Giggs is the second person to be voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house

Ryan Giggs' estranged sister-in-law Natasha Giggs has become the second person to leave the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The mother-of-two, 28, and Nicola McLean went head-to-head for eviction after being nominated by Irish model Georgia Salpa after she survived Wednesday's eviction.

Speaking to host Brian Dowling, Natasha said: 'I'm feeling fine, its just the emotions of it all. Its just so strange.'

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When asked if she was bothered by the booing crowd, she insisted: 'I have 100 per cent been myself and if people don't like it, then that is me.

'I've had an absolute ball. I didn't think I would.'

She admitted she wasn't surprised that Georgia had chosen her to go up for eviction because 'I hadn't really mixed with (her) at the time.'

Natasha said she was surprised she had formed such a friendship with Nicola in the house given their Twitter row beforehand.

Farewell: Kirk Norcross kisses Natasha on the cheek after she hears she is leaving the Big Brother house

She enthused: 'She really is a great girl. I was obviously was a bit nervous cos we had a bit of a thing before going in the house...

'It wasn't a fight. It wasn't an argument. She came up to me and straightened it out and I was so grateful.'

The Mancunian was holding hands with Kirk Norcross when she found out her fate, but assured her fellow housemates she didn't mind leaving.

Nervous: Natasha looked anxious as she waited to hear her fate
She said: 'I'm fine, I'm fine.'

When questioned about his flirting with Kirk at a party the previous night, Natasha laughed: 'I love Kirk. Everyone flirts with Kirk. Kirk is the biggest flirt ever. You can't help but flirt with Kirk.'

But she insisted there was no attraction with actor Michael Madsen: 'I did not flirt with Michael.'

Asked what she had learned during her time in the house following a complicated 2011 - which saw her confess to an eight-year affair with her husband Rhodri's brother Ryan, she said: 'I don't listen to people enough. I need to take on board what people are saying to me.'

'Bothered': The mother-of-two insisted she didn't care about the booing crowd

When asked for who she wanted to win the show, Natasha tipped Gareth Thomas.

Despite being the bookies' favourite to be the second evictee, Nicola survived the vote.

Although before she found out she was staying, the ex-Page 3 girl was convinced it would be here, saying: 'It's me.'

Relief: Nicola McLean was convinced she was going to be voted out

Farewell: Natasha says goodbye to friend Nicola