X Factor Kitty: I had Botox... to stop me looking so angry!

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By Lara Gould

Smooth factor: Kitty Brucknell, seen here on The X Factor last night, has admitted to having Botox

X Factor contestant Kitty Brucknell has admitted she is having regular Botox injections – to stave off the ageing process and to make her look less angry.

The 26-year-old, who performed Sir Paul McCartney’s Live And Let Die on last night’s rock-themed programme, said she has the £300 injections to prevent deep frown lines in her forehead from developing into permanent features.

Kitty, a former pupil at the £27,000-a-year Clifton College school in Bristol, fears the lines are accentuated when she sings.

Botox injections work by temporarily paralysing muscles and are injected directly into the face to relax frown lines and smooth wrinkles.

However, surgeons do not generally recommend using Botox, a nerve poison, to patients under the age of 30 because their skin has not wrinkled enough for the procedure.

Kitty started having the treatments earlier this year. ‘I had an injection before I came on The X Factor,’ she said.

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‘My mum has permanent frown lines. It’s a genetic thing. I frown when I’m on stage, and when I look back at tapes of myself I look really angry.

‘Someone suggested getting Botox and I thought, “That’s a really good idea.” I got a really top surgeon to do it in London.

'I am 26 and I know it’s a bit young. I had liposuction done years ago but other than that I haven’t had anything else done.

New look: Kitty seen outside the TV studios yesterday ahead of the show

‘The first time I had the Botox, it lasted a year but it usually wears off after a few months. It costs up to £300 but the cost doesn’t bother me. I have it when I feel like I need it.’

Previously, Botox injections had been the preserve of celebrities on the show, including Simon Cowell.

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