'It was the biggest betrayal of all!' Holly Willoughby lambasts Jessie Wallace's ex-fiancé on This Morning

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By Iona Kirby and Donna Mcconnell

Sorry: Vince Morse went on This Morning to apologise for his actions which led to split with Jessie Wallace

If he thought an appearance on This Morning would see him worm his way into the public's good books, Jessie Wallace's ex-fiancée Vince Morse was sadly mistaken.

After being jilted by the EastEnders actress just hours before she was due to walk down the aisle, catering boss Vince Morse has made several pleas for forgiveness.

But today presenter Holly Willoughby gave him no quarter as she blasted the businessman branding his actions as 'the biggest betrayal of all'.

Jessie Wallace's ex-fiance Vince Morse being interviewed by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield live on this morning's show

Morse sent a semi-naked photograph of Wallace to his ex-girlfriend Lucy Short, 47, along with the message 'This is what you will get x.'

The 50-year-old tried to defend his actions telling presenters Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: 'I made a mistake and I'm mortified.'

And he insisted that he was not appearing on the daytime show to court publicity, but instead he took up the offer to be interviewed in a bid to prove he is not a bad person.

But Holly responded with little sympathy. Clearly batting for team Wallace, she said: 'You woke up Monday morning feeling like an idiot but it wasn't until it was revealed in the papers that you actually told her about it.

'So you didn't offer it up willingly, it was because you got caught.'

Clearly annoyed, Morse replied: 'I'm sorry, but I don't know many men that would say, "This is what I've done" if you think you're going to get away with it. All I thought is that it was ridiculous.

Loverat: Vince apologised publicly for sending a saucy text to his ex-girlfriend

'I'd never do it again, I'm sorry and didn't feel great and from that moment on it made me love her more.'

The love-rat spoke to Schofield and Willoughby about his relationship with Wallace but must have regretted his appearance as the presenters grilled him with the questions that have been on everyone's lips since the nuptials were called off two weeks ago.

Speaking about the private picture of his 39-year-old wife-to-be Morse said: 'Once that happened there was no going back I suppose, but I did it.

'And trust me, if I could ever take that back, I would. But yes, I did send it. I was drunk.

'Ultimate betrayal': Presenters Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were tough on Vince

'I was never going to do anything - there was a suggestion that we were going to meet, it was silly.'

He continued: 'I woke up Monday morning,' before being at a loss for words and closing his eyes and shaking his head.

Schofield was also not in a forgiving mood. He said: 'You were completely faithful to her when you were going out, physically, and for her if you have done that once, what's to say you wouldn't do that again?'

Morse replied: 'I shall imagine that's on everyone's lips. If you do it once you can do it again. You can only be true to yourself. I know, I would never have done it again.'

Happier days: The couple were madly in love in the run-up to their big day

He added: 'And I probably wont have the chance to do it again, but I can only be true to me and say I would never have done it again - and if anyone believes that or not, that's for them to decide.'

Talking about what he thought Jessie's reaction to the TV appearance would be, he said: 'She'll be furious. Furious that I'm speaking publicly about it and I know that, but at the end of the day, I almost want to say to the nation that I'm really sorry. I made a real idiot of myself and of her.'

Morse then make a last bid attempt to reach out to Wallace and apologise to the public, with a message directed to his former fiancée.

He said: 'I know I've humiliated you, I know that, but it doesn't stop me loving you, it doesn't stop me wanting to be with you. I know it's probably going to be impossible because it's so public, but I just want you to know from the bottom of my heart I am sorry. End of story. Nothing much more than that, I can't do anymore than that.'

Getaway: Jessie jetted off on holiday last week following the turbulent break-up

Morse mentioned that the ex-couple had spoken since the split and said: 'It's not been great, but we are in contact.'

However any claims of a reconciliation have been thwarted.

While it was reported that the EastEnders star, who is currently taking a holiday, was missing Morse and considering taking him back, her agent told the MailOnline: 'There is no truth in that story.'